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Japetus - Biography

Vibratory worlds
I was born and raised in Sydney and from an early age I heard music in my head but it was not until I taught myself to play a variety of instruments including drums, guitar and keyboards, as well as singing, composing and production that I managed to capture it. I combined these skills into audio/visual production and worked for several years as an audio/visual producer. To assist in my desire to be a recording artist, in 1980 I set up my own recording studio and began creating songs and experimenting with sound using some of the new digital music keyboards launched in the early 80s. I recorded over 40 songs and sent them to record companies all over the world, however I was still a few years ahead of my time, recording as a solo studio producer writing Pop songs about social change and extra-planetary influences.

Spiritual paths
Along the way, I stumbled upon the practice of meditation, gathered information on various spiritual paths and gradually came to understand the importance of a higher more universal awareness. As this new perspective of life grew within me so, correspondingly, my interest in traditional pop music began to diminish, and I found myself working in a more instrumental vein. I began to recognise the connection between sound, colour and imagery and the more I worked with it and continued to explore consciousness the more I began to channel the various inspired journeys that went on to become my Visionary Journeys catalogue.

Since 1983 I have composed 12 inspirational albums (plus two compilations) and released them through my own record label doing all the production, manufacturing, distribution and promotion myself. This catalogue is an evocative and colourful collection that presents a profound musical framework for exploring the vibratory worlds of imagination and sound for the purpose of self-discovery, meditation and healing. Most of the albums were created on keyboard synthesisers and music samplers intuitively synthesising my own unique inter-dimensional sounds, perfecting ways to provide the perfect atmosphere and colour to evoke the particular journey and imagery. Later I added spoken guided visualisations based on the original imagery I saw when I developed the concepts for the original music.

Although I have focused on music, as a synthesist in the broader sense, my talents include video producer, vegetarian chef, creative writer and graphic/web designer. To support one of my best-loved albums, Visions Of Paradise, in 1987 I filmed and produced a video of magnificent natural vistas, rivers and sunsets, creating an audio-visual healing experience. This had wide applications in therapeutic areas as well as in the home and workplace. It was even shown on its own Qantas in-flight movie channel as part of a meditation package and I will be re-shooting that in digital video later in 2006. I have also performed some of my musical soundspaces at various healing workshops and conferences on metaphysics including the Esoteric Sciences and Creative Education Foundation conference in 1990 (where I also held a rare workshop) and of course the opening of Conference Earth in 1995 where I also had the delight of providing a live soundspace behind Dr James Hurtak during his mind-blowing guided visualisation.

In 1985, Australia's most prolific writer in mysticism and the occult, Nevill Drury, asked me to produce a series of three albums of inner space music to accompany his book Music For Inner Space (ISBN 0907061745) for release in Germany and around the world. Over the last 20 years, I have worked with Denise Linn (USA) and Jo Buchannan (Aust) on guided visualisation albums, produced the soundtrack for an alternative movie called 'Into The Light', recorded and produced a series of Tibetan Buddhist chanting practice tapes for Lama Trijam, and supplied music exclusively for the National Federation of Healers Inc (Australia) guided visualisation album. In 1996, I was commissioned to create the title theme and incidental music for the 26 part TV series 'Yin, Yang and You' already shown to over 100 million viewers on NBC Asia as well as in The Middle East and South Africa. In 2002 my music and video was selected to support a guided meditation video for Qantas.

In 2000 I won Best New Age Ambient instrumental track + Best Environmental/Message song + Best Promotional Artwork design in the North Coast Entertainment Industry 'Dolphin' Awards and in 2002 I also won Best Folk song and numerous nominations in 2003.

After establishing my own website in 2001 and remastering all my albums for CD with new artwork all designed by me, I was delight to be signed to iTunes as an official Label Affiliate in 2005 with my entire 14 CD Visionary Journeys catalogue now available for download in 22 countries world wide. In January 2006 I travelled to Cannes in France to attend Midem - the world's largest music industry market - where I secured distribution in Korea and am currently negotiating licensing in Germany, UK and US. In July 2006 at the International Planetary Society world conference in Melbourne planetarium (the first one ever in the southern hemisphere in 30 years) I was delighted to have my music played during the two evening dinners.

Life is not a monotone. Life is full of colours and sounds and symbols of all different vibrations. Relaxation is only the doorway but there is a whole world beyond that. A multitude of evolving elements that hone the facets in our inner divine crystal self. This diamond must be polished and set and all this takes patience, practice and energy. Our duty is to develop a focused consciousness and navigate our way back from the lowest to the highest. From manifestation, bridging back across to the all encompassing universal sphere, within and without. In today's society it is easy to recognise the need for healing in any form, and these musical soundspaces, the spoken visualisations, the visionary artworks, the video and workshops, all offer a way of discovering a more subtle and holistic sense of self.

Could you take us through your catalogue?

These albums are presented in their order of creation. The first two albums were fairly experimental... which really extends to include the following three albums as well... the first 5 albums are all very unique, unusual and evocative.

  • The Great Great Silence - is very spacey and out there. It is an outward journey album where each section lifts off and out into the vast cosmos before returning with a sense of peace and awe.
  • Once Around The Sun - is the story of the seasons and the cycles of time experienced on Earth with a solar perspective. It is very bright and electric and vibrant and alive.

The next three titles are The Mystic Pathways series. A selection of albums based on 5 ancient traditions formatted using the concept of The Elements - Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space (Spirit) as the keys and all based upon the written, guided visualisations in Nevill Drury's book Music For Inner Space (ISBN 0907061745).

  • The Kabbalah + The Zodiac - The Kabbalah has an introduction to the 4 elements then a rather strange piece Praxis that moves down through the body, with a final track with a whole Transformation sequence. The Zodiac has 12 tracks that represent each of the signs following their imagery and elemental value and musical key, with a final track Cosmos that captures the spaciousness of the universe reflected within.
  • The Major Arcana of the Tarot - has 22 very unique and compact tracks that conceptually capture each of the cards on an unfolding journey as stepping-stones up the Kabbalistic magic mountain. The tracks are only 2 minutes each like snapshots so you can feel the different elements.
  • The Egyptian Book of the Dead + Kundalini Yoga - The Egyptian Book of the Dead is a three part journey beginning in a pyramid, moving down through the Underworld, to be reborn into the sky as a God. Kundalini Yoga, after a monotone bass intro, has a rather strange four-part track The Tattvas that evolves up through the body elements with syllable intonements, before a vibrant percussive track Awakening that is the marriage celebration of Shakti and Shiva at the crown chakra.

Things settle down a bit with these next two albums that represent my major works and are based on the previous 5 albums of finding my feet and pushing the boundaries.

  • Visions Of Paradise - is my best known and loved album and has some of my most classic tracks. It is primarily a water/air journey that moves through three phases in two separate journeys.
  • The Radiant Self - is my most complex and crafted album. If I had to choose one album and give all the rest away this one is the most valuable. There are two inward journeys deepening across two different levels. The Journey Through takes you up through five different levels of consciousness to dive into your inner radiant core and the second part has the five realisations that you can have regarding 'being' while in that sacred inner space.

The 2 'Major Works' above were followed by some albums more on the periphery.

  • Infinity - was originally conceived as a 12 minute piece that could play on a continuous loop 12 minute cassette for as long as you could listen... up to several days... sleeping and awake... promoting continuity of consciousness. It has been released on CD as a 60 minute version but the original 12 minute piece is still represented by the first 12 minutes. It should be played continuously slightly above the threshold of hearing and is designed to remain playing even when other media are active including TV.
  • Shaman Journey - is mostly Nevill Drury's hypnotic shamanic drumming. The continuous repetitive drumming rhythms entrance the mind as you go on a journey with your totem animal. In the second half I create an atmosphere of a group gathering with inter-dimensional influences.
  • Tales From Atlantis - as I am a producer and not a performer Tales was primarily created as a selection of pieces I could actually present live. They are very simplistic and under-produced and easy to reproduce. There is a 30 minute feature track followed by 4 shorter melodic pieces that represent 'music from the domes'. Those 4 tracks are bridged by a nebulous interlude supposed to represent travelling between the domes.
  • Crystal Light Awakening - is a double CD produced under the guidance of Vincent Selleck. On one CD there is a discourse on the galactic forces influencing Earth plus a Quan Yin guided visualisation. The other CD has an eclectic combination of instruments that elude to the synthesis of old world and new world and contains some percussion and didgeridoo as well as synthesiser and sampler. It is a continuous 60 minute track.

The final two instrumental ambient/new age albums of mine are often considered my most accessible titles along with Visions Of Paradise mostly because of the more sophisticated production and arrangement.

  • The Threshold - has 5 powerful angelic tracks which were compiled from 3 albums originally commissioned by a healer named Jan Poole. These 5 tracks are very breathy and inspire a sense of transcendence and angels. A very popular album for massage.
  • Deep Space - has two 30 minute tracks. The first track Starlite won Best New Age instrumental track in the North Coast Entertainment Industry 'Dolphin' awards in 2000 and it captures the endless formlessness of space. The second track Celestial Ocean is a fairly empty track except for an event in the middle not unlike Atlantis rising briefly from the sea before sinking back into the depths.
  • Peace & Quiet - my most recent release has relaxing and peaceful tracks selected from all the albums creating a superb collection of the most accessible pieces all together on two separately themed music CDs - 'peace' and 'quiet'. More often than not my albums take you on a dynamic and provocative journey but many novices enjoy something more conventional. It works wonderfully as a support for any healing and transforming process.

Beyond my own work I also distribute a Tibetan monk named Lama Trijam. Even though I did not perform these titles I worked with Lama to record them in my studio. Unfortunately he died some years ago and so I promote his work as part of my catalogue. These two Pujas contain the ancient energy of the healing Tibetan scriptures and this energy is carried on the sacred chants embedded into the 'intonements' and ritual. I also still believe that this is the only time anywhere in the world that a single Lama has performed these Pujas on his own, chanting all the parts and playing all the instruments at different times in a multi-track recording. It is quite unique. Beautifully recorded.

  • The Mahakala Puja - Lama Trijam uses combinations of instruments including Thighbone Trumpets, cymbals, bells, drums and finger snaps. Along with sacred words the Tibetans use it to unlock the energies in various different parts of the body and consciousness.
  • The Nundro Puja - is a basic Puja for beginners. These chants can be learned or just absorbed. The idea is to understand and practice chanting these Pujas that in turn affects your consciousness as well as your physical form, but this can take many lifetimes of learning and here we can at least partake of the purely energetic impact of the sacred text just by listening.

Visionary Journeys - 14 CD catalogue
- The Great Great Silence 1983 (Visualisation double CD)
- Once Around The Sun 1984

The Mystic Pathways series (3 visualisation double CDs)
- 1) The Kabbalah / The Zodiac 1985
- 2) The Major Arcana of the Tarot 1985
- 3) The Egyptian Book of the Dead / Kundalini Yoga 1985

- Visions Of Paradise 1986
- The Radiant Self 1987 (Visualisation double CD)
- Infinity 1988
- Shaman Journey 1988
- Tales From Atlantis 1989
- Crystal Light Awakening 1989 (Visualisation double CD)
- The Threshold 1992
- Deep Space 1995
- Peace & Quiet 2002 (Double music CD)
- Visionary Journeys (iTunes sampler) 2006

Catalogue also includes sacred works by the late Tibetan monk Lama Trijam:
- The Mahakala Puja 1990
- The Nundro Puja 1990

Where is your work available on the internet?

www.japetus.com.au + iTunes + www.lamatrijam.com + www.lottelandl.com + www.paulsmyth.com
My main website http://www.visionaryjourneys.com has almost 80 pages of information and photos and music. The Albums page has lots of different audio samples. Of course now there is the fantastic facility of having all 14 albums available for listening and download on iTunes in 22 countries world wide. I also promote other artists through the Japetus label including Lama Trijam (www.lamatrijam.com) who does traditional authentic Tibetan Buddhist chanting Pujas, Lotte Landl (www.lottelandl.com) who performs beautiful Austrian Zither music, and Paul Smyth (www.paulsmyth.com) with his award winning first single Love Conquers All. All of those artists are available on iTunes world wide.

What are your spiritual and consciousness interests?

I became interested in esoteric matters in my early 20s when I was introduced to a psychic in Sydney - Ari Powell - who was running inner awareness classes. Ari taught me about auras, meditation, chakras, spirit guides, telepathy and healing plus communication with people, guides and extra-terrestrial forces. He instructed me on the use of music as a vibrational tool along with colour and energy, all combining creatively as elements of the healing and transforming process.

Over many years I practiced and perfected the various esoteric arts integrating this new inspirational knowledge with each successive album. At that time I began reading the books of Silver Birch who was a discarnate being acting as a spirit guide and was channelled in through medium Maurice Barbanell for some 61 years. Maurice passed in to the life beyond in 1981, interestingly about the same time I took off into spiritually guided soundspaces. Silver Birch was one of the greatest communicants from Spirit of the 20th century.

Then I discovered the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom as channelled through Alice A. Bailey in the first half of the 20th century. I had been doing my own spontaneous drawings of consciousness in order to map out my own journeys in sound and imagery and I was amazed to find that my drawings fitted in almost seamlessly with the basic Bailey writings. My drawings even helped her writings make sense.

This only made me more determined that I was on the right path with my music and led me to create my major work album The Radiant Self - a complex progressive inner journey that moved up through different levels of consciousness. This album was sketched out symbolically 30 seconds at a time for the entire length before I even entered the studio and it was crafted as an entire hour-long journey to take you in through to your inner radiant core (seen as an island with an active volcano) where five sacred realisations were then revealed.

The work I did some years earlier with Nevill Drury also laid the foundation for this, working as we did using the 5 elements to unlock ancient mystical traditions as modern tools for meditation. Having to study and then interpret the Egyptian Book of the Dead into a 25 min piece of music was an incredible challenge especially for someone like me with no formal musical training, relying primarily on my talents as a synthesist and a producer to get me through.

I then went on to work with Nevill Drury on Shaman Journey and because I was originally a drummer I was able to interpret his drumming to create a second piece that sounded like a whole mystical shamanic gathering. A few years after Nevill I was approached by Vincent Selleck to produce an album that was part of the Australian contribution to the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. We created Crystal Light Awakening with a discourse by Vincent about the galactic transformation being triggered through Earth's crystal network. All very cosmic. It also contained a Quan Yin energy visualisation and some interesting new age and world music blends.

Along the way I had the pleasure of being part of a unique event in recording and in sacred teachings with the recording of a Tibetan monk named Lama Trijam. We managed to convince Lama to record two full chanting Pujas and we multi-tracked him doing all the parts and all the instruments, which I still believe is the only time this has been done. Working so closely with Lama Trijam was an incredible experience. http://www.lamatrijam.com

While creating all this music I filled over 100 exercise books with writings that I call semi-automatic, as it seems such a cliche. They served as the background and basis for most of the music, the covers and the visualisations and I will be releasing them at a later stage. It is my hope that all the albums in the Visionary Journeys catalogue can open a portal, a doorway to experience higher levels of consciousness.

What makes the Visionary Journeys catalogue so unique?

When I first started creating these soundspaces in 1983 I didn't really know what I was doing nor did I really think there was anything really unique about them. I had grown up listening to Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream as well as being addicted to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, which were certainly all influences on the epic nature of my albums, as long and profound journeys. When I was producing the albums through the 80s and 90s I listened to almost no other music in my genre and was much more interested in the Pop music scene.

It wasn't until the mid 90s that I actually heard what other so-called new age musicians were producing and I was quite surprised. It was really when I started being reviewed and compared to other artists as "different" and "unique" (see Reviews and Testimonials below) that I actually listened to what had been produced by other composers at that time. Much of it was very uninspired tinkling with no real dimensionality or over-melodic and over-structured pieces played at a slower pace. Some was ambient Jazz and nearly all of it consisted of conventional sounding instruments played in convention patterns of melody with conventional structures of rhythm.

There were no other albums as expansive as mine, able to capture long complex journeys like The Radiant Self using sounds that were specially synthesised and multi-layered, strangely other-worldly, without being weird and electronic. The fact that I had no musical training at all and had just stumbled onto most of it by my own inspired prompting also played a large part in its uniqueness. Fortunately, my talents as an audio engineer, as a music producer and as a synthesist held these ethereal channelled ideas together long enough for me to capture them in sound.

I am almost unable to play keyboards in my 'normal' state and keyboards is not really my instrument of choice. I am much better on guitar and drums in comparison so the whole process was often confusing and painstaking for me as well, spending months and months in the studio creating an album minute by minute, layer by layer. I still listen back to most of my albums with little idea of how they were created or what was played and I am certainly incapable of reproducing them accurately again in a live performance situation. Since I was guided 7 years ago to complete and promote the work on the internet and CD, so far I have not even touched a music keyboard! Instead I have replaced the music keyboard with the computer keyboard.

Over the coming years I will continue to develop the Visionary Journeys catalogue with more spoken stories, DVDs and songs coming soon.


NCEIA - North Coast Dolphin Awards
(North Coast Entertainment Industry Association)
Winner Best Ambient / New Age track 2000
Winner Best Environmental / Message song 2000
Winner Best Promotional Artwork poster 2000
Winner Best Folk song 2002
Nominated Best Adult Contemporary song 2001
Nominated Best Promotional artwork 2003
Nominated Best New Age track 2003 (2 nominations )

"I have played your music, some pieces several times, and much enjoyed them. Most intriguing!"

ED LANTZ (US) - The Harmony Channel cable TV:
"What an awesome and amazing collection of music! Very eclectic. We look forward to reviewing every piece and selecting cuts for future productions."

DENISE LINN (US) - Healer and writer:
"The music of Japetus literally carries me beyond time and space. The haunting melodies convey such beautiful images. I use this music in my seminars with excellent results."

NEVILL DRURY (Australia) - Editor and writer:
"Japetus stands out as one of Australia's most adventurous synthesiser musicians, and he has ventured into unfamiliar areas where few others have dared to go. The Radiant Self is intended as a musical journey of self-exploration and makes few concessions to the blandness which characterises much New Age Music."

The music of Japetus is exclusively used and recommended by this well respected spiritual healing organisation.


"Peace & Quiet is the perfect music for your guided meditation. Japetus has taken the best music from a 20 year career and remixed it to create a deliciously relaxing flow of tranquility. Every track oozes peace and quiet. There are two CDs in the set - the first 'Peace' has the moving and relaxed tracks, whilst the second CD 'Quiet' has the still and relaxed pieces. If you like background music that sets the true tone of tranquillity, then this double CD is a must-have for massage, studying, driving cars and meditations."

LISTEN.COM - internet MP3 reviewer:
"Japetus draws you into his soft, ethereal works without overindulging in bombastic melodies... the common pitfall of new age composers. Cascading harps and ambient synthesisers slip through your pores."

"Peace & Quiet is the kind of music which should be listened to when you are naked, lying on a table covered in oil, being worked on by your masseuse. This is the perfect soundtrack for breathing and getting in touch with that deep quiet within, perhaps a spot of yoga... a perfect accompaniment to those extended tantra sessions... it's like having your psyche teased with a feather..."

"Deep Space is a collage of cosmic moods that wash through you, taking the soul on a trip through the universal mind. Starlite - winner of a 2000 Dolphin Music Award and Celestial Ocean which ebbs and flows into the soul. Deep Space is a broad sweep, taking you on an extra-human journey, not unlike Kubrick's 2001. Very powerful and profound music."

"Australian artist Japetus is well known to listeners of meditation music. His past recordings are all adventurous works being applauded in the press as belonging alongside popular overseas artists. Visions Of Paradise was inspired by and composed for International Year Of Peace. This music is superbly suited to meditation and transcendental states of consciousness. A fine example of New Age music at its best!"

"Of all the releases by Japetus, I find Visions Of Paradise the most accessible, but also the hardest to describe. It is music unto itself, an emotional feeling, a cosmic mood. As with places we may journey to, we feel we have been there before - deja vu. If that feeling could be translated into music, you would have Visions Of Paradise. Composed, arranged, produced and performed by Japetus, an Australian master musician... this is deep soul music."

Website: http://www.visionaryjourneys.com Email: jay@visionaryjourneys.com
Post: P.O. Box 198, Byron Bay, NSW, 2481, Australia
Mobile/SMS: +61 (0)412 041 400

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