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Education and Communication - The Information Highway Explosion


The educational system is here for sustaining an economic and political order which is creating a wide spread human suffering and environmental degradation. It is compartmentalized and doesn't educate for life or emotional intelligence.

The education system is still ensconsed in Victorian and archaic ways of thinking. Many teachers would love to be able to spread their wings to nurture and teach their pupils creativity and meditation in a more wholistic and nurturing way. This kind of education not only liberates the teacher giving them more freedom and less restriction to an outmoded curriculum, but of course also liberates the child to their learning potential.

Our so called enlightened post constructional pluralistic education doesn't feed the billions of hungry folk on earth, or heal the sick and dying children. It has been said that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong deep within pedagogy.

There seems to be a great divide between the educated, professional and industrial elite and normal everyday people. An academic has to follow certain prescribed rules and regulations and remain focused on his/her particular discipline. This means that in universities there is no real integration between various disciplines and rarely do scientists and academics see the whole picture

.In fact, science has become a religion for the public and people accept an objective reality as being truth rather than looking at more humane issues such as values, altruism, consciousness, conscience, or truth. These life issues are rarely dealt with in a holistic way in universities and are not subjects which are developed in educational systems.

In a way science has become a rather restrictive monolith preventing true freedom of the human spirit.

Thomas Kuhn introduced the idea that science functions under the control of a paradigm. For centuries science has been guided by a paradigm based on the intellectual achievements of Newton and Descartes, who saw the world mechanistically and reductively, with its division of inside and outside, subject and object. This has been overturned by the work of Einstein and his theory of relativity, the atomic physicists and others who have discovered laws that don't fit the old paradigm. The new paradigm which is emerging takes into account the observer as well as the thing observed, and the fact that the two cannot be separated. There cannot be objective knowledge without a knowing subject: what we see must be relative to and influenced by where we are and who we are.

In human affairs, objectivity on its own does not work because it contradicts what it means to be a human being. A human being is not an object. He or she is not only a thinking but a feeling person with emotions, values, hunches, intuitions, sensitivities which have a tremendous influence on what they do and how they perceive the world. He or she is both an individual, alone in their own private world, and also a member of a particular society; and, in turn, that society belongs to a wider community, the human family, with which every individual shares common experiences and aspirations and a common global environment.