World Peace One, Inc.


The World Peace One™ Vision
WP1- WP10

WP1 is the first installment of a Ten Year Global Peace Initiative, aimed at ending war and establishing lasting peace for the entire human race. The initiative includes:

(a) the launch of the world's 10-Region WP1 Global Peace Ambassadorship Program;

(b) 10-Annual Peace Symposiums to create the WP1 Global Brain Trust for ending war, beginning with WP1 Symposium #1, February 15, 16 & 17, 2008.

(c) the call for the creation of a Department of Peace in every government, major corporation, religion, as well as school and university in the world in efforts to secure the future;

(d) WP1 - WP10 is a series of around the clock/around the world Global Mega-Concerts, beginning on December 8, 2007.

World Peace One ™ is a massive, worldwide peace declaration punctuated by a 30-hour "live" convergence media broadcast featuring an unprecedented lineup of world-class performers from every corner of the world. United to bring attention to cultures around the globe, "World Peace One™" ignites a common vision to bring an end to war during our lifetime. This worldwide media event will reach a potential global audience of 3.5 billion via television, radio and the Internet.

World Peace One ™ will showcase international musicians, dancers, drummers, acrobats, child choruses, film stars, political and religious leaders, Nobel Prize winners, artists, best-selling authors, and diplomats. Live, pre-produced, and interactive segments which will empower and re-educate the people of the world to make a difference.

Douglas Ivanovich, Chairman, Executive Producer of World Peace One, Inc. is an active icon in the entertainment industry for more than 35 years. He was Executive Vice President of SkyLink Satellite Communications, managing client relationships with ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, HBO, FOX, MGM, MCA/Universal, Paramount and Disney. His track record of humanitarian event production includes "Live Aid," "Farm Aid I & II," five "Comic Relief Specials," six "Jerry Lewis Telethons," "Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary Broadcast," the "Nelson Mandela and Bishop Tutu Freedom Festival," and more. He served as the Senior Production Executive for the UN at the "Earth Summit in Rio" and as Associate Producer, Executive Staff, of "Live Aid.

Mr. Michael Hygaard and Mr. Pollant Jabavu Mpofu, are "Global Peace Ambassadors", commissioned to represent WP1 and its culture, goals and objectives, to individuals, organizations, corporations and governments throughout the world. WP1-10's aim is to end all war and to move humanity toward unity, diplomacy, equality, cooperation, prosperity and lasting peace:

  1. Through its Ten Annual Global Television, Radio, Internet and Streaming Cellular Broadcasts to over 180 countries;
  2. Through the creation of a "Global Brain Trust" that will preside over 10 Annual "World Peace One-Ten Symposiums."
  3. Through the creation of a "Department of Peace" in every government, religion, corporation, school and university in the world, (where possible);
  4. By launching its Ten-Region/Ten-Representative "Global Peace Ambassador-General" program;
  5. By its pass-through "Grants Programs," in support of other viable peace organizations, campaigns, programs and initiatives, such as "Doctors Without Borders," "War-Child," "Save the Children," and other established pro-peace/pro-relief organizations;
  6. Through its WP1-10, culture to culture "Friendship, Respect and Tolerance" program for people of all walks of life throughout the world;
  7. Through its "Peace and Conflict Resolution Curriculum Development" for Schools and Universities throughout the world;
  8. Through "Emergency Humanitarian Aid" (shelter, food, water and financial) programs and relief efforts.
  9. Through the creation of WP1's "Forgiveness Council," for mature and sympathetic religious, spiritual, social and global activists and dignitaries, who affirm that the only way to unity, respect, friendship, equality, tolerance and peace, is by choosing "The Path of Kindness, Compassion and Forgiveness."
  10. Through the WP1 "Eco-Peace" program and worldwide effort to curb "predatory economic practices" and to bring an end to humanity's "Undeclared War on Nature."

It has become a point of pride for many countries, cultures and peoples to join WP1 in our common call and Ten-Year Initiative to bring an end to all wars, in favor of securing true and lasting peace for all people, especially for the children of present and future generations. In collaboration with WP1, Mr. Hygaard and Mr. Mpofu are authorized to secure venues, appoint public relations agencies of international standing, recruit event fund raising experts, enter into agreement with Corporate Sponsors (Global & Local), Broadcasters, journalists and established news reporters, as well as secure appropriate financial donations and/or contributions to the WP1 501(c)(3) charitable, non-profit organization.

Further, as WP1 Ambassadors, Mr. Hygaard and Mr. Mpofu are invited to collaborate with WP1 to identify prospective high-level dignitaries to serve as Official WP1 Global Peace Ambassadors. As dignitaries, WP1 welcomes the endorsements, as well as direct participation from His Eminence, former President Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, former U.S. President Jim Carter, Ms. Mary Robinson former President of Ireland on Human Rights, Mr. Kenneth Kaunda (1st President of Zambia), former Danish States-Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, Mikael Gorbachev (1st and only President of the USSR), former President of Nigeria Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo, former President Bill Clinton, Rt. Hon. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, (first female President Liberia), Gro Harlen Brudtland, (first female Prime Minister of Norway), Mr. Claes Nobel, Mr. Richard Branson, Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Carlos Slim Helú, Prime Ministers, Presidents and Chancellors of all countries and o ther government leaders and mayors in our World Peace efforts, to consider them respectfully, as potential candidates for WP1's Ten-Regional Global Ambassador-Generals.

The role of the Chambers of Commerce is pivotal to support such events, so are the Trade Union Representatives in their own right and academicians, economists and financial experts to provide economic and financial acumen to WP1 and its Ten Year Global Peace Initiative. Although World Peace requires inspiration, aspiration and human initiative, people of faith have always recognized that Peace can only be achieved by Divine Grace. In concert with WP1, Mr. Hygaard and Mr Mpofu will be tasked to appoint interfaith religious and spiritual leaders to open and end the events in prayer. Bishop Tutu for example, could lead such a process, but there is a need to appoint a group of such highly distinguished and respected interfaith men and women to serve in such capacity.
On December 8, 2007, WP1 will launch its first historic, 24-hour worldwide television, radio, internet and streaming cellular broadcast, expected to reach an audience of three-billion people. WP1 recognizes no enemy and works on behalf of collective humanity's graduation from war and from its paradigms and practices of division and destruction, in favor of a safer, saner, more equitable, cooperative and prosperous future.

In Service to Earth and Humanity, World Peace One (1-10)