Is It Necessary to Wait Till The End of History?
by Alexander Subbotin


Along with the general growth of economic power, today, (basically, due to industry driving new economies,) mankind has made in the last decades, the present spurt in the development of such high-technological fields as biological and information technologies.

This is the time, the beginning of the Third millennium, predicted by (V. Vernadsky, N. Moiseev) to be the beginning of the transition to a new era.

During the end of the second and the beginning of the third millennium the world has seen trouble increase in frequency and scope, and seen waves of political and economic instability with the occurrence of "new poverty " (including in the USA), growth of international tension, and a number of hot spots have appeared. In the last fifteen years the quantity of natural phenomena resulting in damage, comparable with full-scale wars, has sharply increased.

Depopulation and decrease in quality of life in a number of countries, first of all, economically advanced, - are also direct indicators of certain trouble.

Terrorism from exotic phenomenon has seen growth in the factor of everyday vigilance in public consciousness.

It looks paradoxical, but these processes have only been amplified after the long-awaited end of a suffocating opposition "West - East", - " cold war ".

The desired and expected stabilization of the world system has not increased at all, and after the withdrawal of the USSR from "ideology", the termination of the international arms race, and the falling of " the Berlin wall ", came the declaration of a priority of values of " an open society ".

Certainly, the " cold war " was not deliberate in this sense, but, unintentional or instinctive, and appeared a powerful constraining factor (or probably only masking it) in the development of process deregulation of the world system.

The crisis was called "systematic"

The termination of the period of opposition, has given an opportunity for a new opportunity to feel, before the latent symptoms of the old illness covering equally both the West, and the East, the phenomena of the global system, laying more deeply than the former contradiction between "capitalism" and "socialism".

Where is this "world crack" located?

It is obviously outside of the zones of influence of all- mechanisms of stabilization of financial, technical, state and public systems and of the reach of mechanisms and means of settlement and restraint of international conflicts.

Illness has penetrated everywhere. There are no rates of growth and profit in the economy; efforts of politicians do not always reach adequate results; quite often there are strong side-effects overlapping the results. The basic symptom is expressed in a weak response of the enterprises, economy, political institutes and mechanisms; all the world's economic, political organisms (the world system) to rather vigorous regulating influences.

It illustrates the well-known ingenious politician's expression , "was to be wished, as it is better, and it turns out, as always ". (V.Chernomyrdin).

If the reason is not located either in a place, or in a process, it lays in the core of philosophy of a modern world order as a fundamental principle, a prevailing paradigm of its own device, and management and procedures of decision-making. To treat illness, it is necessary to look at all issues; a file of the information on the world, and the reason for it, either an erroneous gene, or a system virus.

That is the threat and what are the residual safety factors of the system?

The basic threat on a world scale is sudden unguided development of a crisis from a phase of passive accumulation to its active collapse.

Avalanche destruction of world financial pyramids is a necessary event, and will require only a small push inside or outside of the system. The reason for this is incorporated into the design and over-critical height of its construction. The pyramid stays on top.

Movement of financial streams worldwide will be disturbed, then, after several global waves of exchange slumps there will be an unguided reaction of crashing down the world financial system and national economies; falls in the advanced economies may reach a tenfold level. Not some " delay of rates of growth ", but namely crashes, destruction of economies with the approach of chaos on a global scale, and with an approach of the second year of food crisis. Fromthis, iwill develop a long succession of social disasters. The inhabitants who have got used to comfort of " gold bullion " can appear without meals, without heat and light, without income and without a habitual social order.

Crisis is systematic and for this reason the imbalance as the destructive potential is incorporated in all of our complex control systems, due to the detonation of this comes a collapse.

Various kinds of symptomatic treatment of the world economic system need to be undertakenprior. First of all, economic theories of upgrade (for example, J.M.Keynes), giving appreciable results in the beginning, gradually lose effect, and then dissolve due to systematic imbalance.

Attempts of construction of socialism in the USSR - as well as it is surprising, - is tragic. In its primary unsuccessful attempt of change to a new paradigm, for historical reasons and by virtue of workmanship, resulted in a rigid and evident parody of the old system.

Speaking about " global system crisis ", experts name a possible term of 50 years to the full termination of existence of our world. (E.Wallerstein, 1999).

In our opinion, time on " memoirs and reflections " remains even less - before acceptance of a de facto uncontrollable development in all countries of socially heavy phenomena. (Till 2020).

It does not remove at all that obvious fact, that crisis shocks and spontaneous tectonic shifts already occur. The bell already tolls.

Where, and in whose hands is a guarantee of fact, that it is not yet a " last gong "?
On change to local crises, and present events- in the small countries, and world financial institutions - at any moment will be inevitably, a severe test for the biggest and economically prevailing of these, on which stability of all modern systems of a world order are structured; it is necessary to remember especially the financial pyramids of the USA.

The system persistently reproduces itself, making multiple copies of the virus and eating the last resources of equilibrium stability behind which full instability gapes - a world bifurcation point. The course of the subsequent events depends very much on actual value of universal understanding of the essence of the problem and organizational preparation of the countries at the moment cataclysm will occur. Spontaneous and tired out by events in a channel of rigid necessity PERESTROYKA of a global scale, with loss of huge resources and activities, with destruction of reactors, with loss of people, with unclear scripts, unclear directions of some transformation succession is the most undesirable flow.

It is necessary to remember about the heaped up nuclear arsenals?
What can serve as a detonator? Everything.
There are enough risk factors, worldwide and local.

Everyone knows the domino principle.

It is time to reflect on the above, that to try to avoid the big, excessive and irreplaceable destructions and losses of people, which will occur, most likely, the most advanced countries, technologically are the most thinly organized, so, organizationally they are the most vulnerable economies. The Russian scientist, academician V.Legasov warned of the growth of probability of the occurrence global technogenical accidents because of growing complexity of the control of big technical systems, even in 1986. Overly optimistic speeches are nowadays made.. This position looks more than dangerous.

Mankind has no instinct of self-preservation and cannot undertake the necessary actions on the topic. Mankind has no special " organ of sense" while recognizing and feeling the universal illnesses. Still it is only necessary for us to globalize on the basis of creation of the new order,(discovering, moving into) mastering a new paradigm of development ...

Having the "lion's share" of all resources of the globe, including, financial and the mental potential, conducting world countries and their leaders already could become initiators and ideologists of active realization of measures on the organized preparation of passage of a critical point on the basis of principles of widely known international concept of " sustainable development " (established in a world forum in Rio de Janeiro in 1992).

It bears really on the constructive sense of saving feedback, and symmetry of interactions.

The Development of perspective technologies of the Third millennium; the further process of intellectualization of labour and forming of structures of new organizational system and the ability to live - " by definition " demand new, essentially higher quality personal standards of motivation and mirroring actions and corresponding structures of a whole social system which is unattainable at the exclusive domination of an old paradigm and now meets destructive and insuperable system difficulties.

Prevailing world paradigm - The main (fundamental) source of growing danger

The world system consists of a huge number of structures, including political, economic, imperious, military, social, technical, scientific, informal, criminal, legal, regional, municipal, individual and all other structures, attitudes and interrelations.
Structures and their interrelations are constructed on common norms, i.e., technicalrequirements, international contracts, other statutory acts and mental installations (concepts, performances, even prejudices) of people.

The majority of systems have a high and growing degree of structural complexity that in itself brings uncertainty of their reactions to administrative influences;

Moreover, the additional and main reason for their uncontrollability is that they probably wrongly include homing systems, capable and constantly aspiring to behave independently:
1. Natural objects,
2. The person.

(It attracts a fundamental conclusion about the ripened necessity of cardinal revision of limits of opportunities of administration and managerial control by complex social systems.

There is a sense to speak about inadequate and dangerous manipulations of the bureaucratic device, instead of real, optimal and in general some useful regulation.)

All interrelations inside the human community and their total actions cannot be covered and are described basically by any superconsciousness, or are able to be simulated on a supercomputer. We can judge it is unique only by the final general result.- With delay, in the end. " On their fruits judge them... " (Old Testament)

However, if we consider the world community as a system at a level of its paradigm: What target, qualitative character, i.e. the manner of interactions of all the participants, finally, is absolutely determined:

  1. the Character of functional self-structurization of all systems from primary elements;
  2. the Quality of total result of activity of everything, even very big and very complex systems for the extended period;
  3. the Ability (or inability) of systems to adapt (self-steering).

Proceeding from qualities of a paradigm, mankind can plan for its own safety and can provide its own future.

These system principles are well investigated in the behaviour of animals, biology, chemistry, physics, cybernetics, mathematics, the theory of information, the theory of systems.
(I.Prigogine,Le-Chatellieau, K.Lorenz, N.Luhman, A.Kolmogorov, A.Bogdanov, Î.von Bertalanffy).

The modern prevailing paradigm of a world system, developed historically a very long time ago, was finally issued in a course of industrialization and based on mental - natural-science "elephants", - performances and installations " the concept of egocentric expansion ":

  1. 1. On representation on infinite capacities, inertness and self-reproduction (stability and an invariance) of natural systems;
  2. 2.Mechanistic - deterministic and pragmatically materialistic approaches, that is, money-grubbing technocracy (scientific and practical) as a prevailing approach to unlimited operation and as constant as natural, social and human resources, at excessive beliefs of omnipotence of natural sciences and technics.
  3. 3. An unconditional reliability and suitability of classical (concluded by the example of the simple determined systems) methods of regulation of interactions of any sort of level (political, economic, social and technical) the systems inevitably including the environment and the person; but ignoring their complexity and, as a consequence, inevitable loss of controllability;
  4. 4. Fatally erratic primate material and material above the spiritual side in human nature, egocentric and pragmatic type of motivations - above type morals. (there came the period of ignoring of the integrity of human nature, i.e., indissoluble, though also inconsistent, but interrelations of a body and spirit, and the fatal division of natural science and religious doctrines).

In the case of ideas technocracy, a certain type of thinking, or behaviour develops so corresponding qualities of the person and logic of his attitudes in a society are cultivated. ( M.Weber-" Protestant ethics ").

Development and self-amplification at the expense of an administrative resource of this monolateral quality results in their institution and corresponding public behaviour norms as to written norms, further leading to opportunities of uncontrolled concentration (inequality) of political and economic power.

The self-amplification of power accompanying growth of its amorphous, slow and unsinkable managing apparatus conducts its imminent absence of control, occurrence of poles of poverty (or the same- deprivation of a choice) for some and sufficiency and surplus of autocracy, for others; growing corruption and loss of control in many aspects of public life.

On the basis of technocratic mind installations, dominating in the period of initial accumulation of capital, - an extremely resource-expanded period of industrialization, - has historically developed and issued a modern system reality: the concept of "social being", no less than " the concept of its safety ", the Siamese twins, similar by the imminent principle of asymmetric actions, their common paradigm:

1) Expansion of the armed, protected, attacking aggressor (the active economic subject).
2) His vulnerable victim (object of influence).
3) Protection against the possible answer or its ignorance.

(From the point of view of cybernetics it sounds like " unilateral influence of the subject (the actor) from the protected position on vulnerable object (the functor) and parrying neutralization, ignoring of possible reciprocal action ").
Or still, absolutely simplified:
Subject influence on object without feedback.

It is simplified excessively, for clearness of real sense, the quintessence of a presently dominating world system paradigm.

This determines an aggressive, predatory, wild animal way of thinking and action of all mankind as the whole subject.
Whether it be object of influence - other person, the "wrong" class, a traditional society, any other country, or the economic global competitor and maybe a surrounding environment.
(This paradigm was born at the moment of occurrence in the human creature's hand of the first tool. Its historical limit got to the principal end of system effectiveness with occurrence of an efficient nuclear reply in the USSR, -as soon as the world symmetry of mutual destruction of the world future has appeared.)

It is a paradigm of capture: man, having filled the open spaces of a planet, has begun to occupy - move actively and fills the space in all directions. Then man as a physically armed industrial person has seized the entire world.
Consequences of which cause such asymmetric types of actions of the active subject, which are:

  1. In case of high response of object of influence (at occurrence of steady positive feedback)
    a tumour arises, the conflict is supported and expands.
  2. In the case of non-resistance, submission of the object of influence; above it there is a steady and long-term imperious communication. (The unilateral compulsory communication ignoring and overwhelming any feedback, destroying self-steering of the dominating object).

On the basis of these similar elementary designs, like toy building blocks, all is built as functional micro-and macro-structures of the prevailing model world system-from the workshops and industrial enterprises up to the international institutes.
Here in a strongly simplified manner it is considered, certainly, not at all only military, political and ecological, and in general any behavioural aspects of the cumulative modern person, as a global actor in the global environment (media).
The most general RESULT of such a model of action is an accumulation, summation of billions and billions not taken into account, ignored, parried every possible "feedback", and, figuratively speaking, mountains of outstanding bills - for everything, that got till now with profit.

IT RESULTS in displacement of a world system axis from an area of balance and safety to a zone of a non-equilibrium and danger, more and more unstable status - long and massed suppression and ignoring actual feedback.

It also is a long-term FRUIT, negative summary of action of a paradigm of a world system of asymmetric domination - deducing in a zone of risk of destruction of the suppressed, but saving global systems of natural self-control-

Ecological and mental

"Violent Domination" often results in dead fruit.

Impetuous expansion of man on an inhabitancy having a final limitation, at last has led to meeting and to closing of fronts of approach.
Man has expanded his own niche in the biosphere, before he found out what to extend nowhere. Cumulative negative human influence on an environment became its critical strength, appreciable negative influence of the damaged environment on the quality of human life and occurrence of pollution and landscape destruction takes the back feet bill of nature rating comparable with received profit.
Losses are comparable to conducting active war.

  1. Hurricane "Katrina" (by different ratings): the price up to 250 billion dollars.
  2. Influence of only dust air pollution in Europe on the health of Europeans appreciated by themselves: at 1 billion Euro per day.
  3. Kyshtym. The "secret" nuclear disaster in the Urals, 1950-s.
    No real evaluation.
  4. Chernobyl. No reasonable comments.

Aggressive pragmatism probably is not limited expansionand proceeds in all spheres up to dead ends, where still: inside self-nature, the "personal inside contents", exploiting of human intellectual activity and spiritual nature.

The modern industrial society is compelled in artificial efforts to support visibility of public prosperity, social balance and consent. It is necessary to mention even democracy which at a basic sense was primary in feedback between the citizen, a society and the state. Democracy has already remained almost only in that term. The modern technologies of PR are inaccessible to minds of the simple inhabitant.

Being in an ideological impasse, a society slopes down into technologies of manipulation with mass consciousness. The modern individual is simply entangled by mass media and the influences carrying speculative character. Possible economic and furthermore moral, losses from it are not appreciated yet, but they obviously are on extremely huge and deep scales already today - and how is it possible to estimate it in money? What may be worthier than the damaged mind?

Also as it is impossible to stay indifferent when observing the monstrous expansion of the technocratic philosophy, on nature, on the right and thousand-year traditions, - that sociology very precisely and capaciously describes concepts as "alienation".

" Power operations on balancing interests " essentially do not resolve contradictions:
In August 1991 putsch has not rescued the Soviet Union from disintegration, and has strongly sped it up, having buried the last hope for signing of the Allied Contract.

  • The USA with comrades, got involved in the Iraq puzzle. Already IT does not release them, IT supervises over them, and IT has developed borders of the state of Iraq and has increased the size of the all-Arabian world.
  • Whether it hides an explanation of the growing global conflict of civilizations in natural protective reactions of traditional society having strong spiritual and moral principles, to moral delay of the western branch of a Christian civilization? On what foundations bears the right of a modern expansive godless system on categorical, but not free of oil desire and not peaceful like angels, imposing of its morally defective, plain "concepts"?

The authority and force as factors of global development have passed the full historical circle and become in our eyes powerlessness of authority or absolute power of powerlessness.

Answers to rhetorical questions are already feedback

Where do the bases of the structure of a society which could resolve the potential of inside strength and threatslie? Which would allow further, more free, development of mankind, the individual, and community?

What is its qualitative difference from the present?

In a basis of its differences two old important historical lessons lie.
Firstly, it is impossible to indefinitely maintain an environment, not being restored of its lost health (integrity) - there comes the moment when quality of an inhabitancy, and with it and quality of a life, degrades; also its responses will make further operation impossible. (Examples include: Destruction of fish stocks, threat of disappearance of whales, Climatic accidents because of emissions in the atmosphere and destruction of forests, Desertification, Degradation of all cultivated soil,. floods and fires in Europe, the USA, Australia).

Secondlt, it is impossible to indefinitely maintain severely economically useful human nature " in the person "; its high noble, spiritual qualities, such as: openness, trust, tolerance, diligence, honesty, mutual assistance; belief in God, in kindness and validity; a conscientious attitude to work, to another's property; ability to service, self-sacrifice, love. It is impossible to build indefinitely pyramids of authority above the person by any primitive or most refined forms of physical or mental violence.
(one example, global in consequences: is the bringing down during the Soviet period in the territory of Russia - from the Pacific ocean up to the Baltic sea - peasantry as the unique part of society, living in millennium traditions in consent with nature and supplying the organic spirituality and daily bread to all the nation. Slavish long-term work in collective farms without payment and without rights has worn out, has undermined their will.)

The person as it is seen, can be lost not only and moreso in quantity ...-
There is global monstrous mental accident.

At excessive loading of " a system virus " onto a society, both "below" and "above" the worst qualities, weakening the viability of a society to be selected, reproduced and dominated:

Cynicism, hypocrisy, duplicity, falsity, suspicion, laziness, envy, larceny, cowardice, bribability, insidiousness, treachery, money-making, perfidy, rudeness. inability to love.

Society, living in actual shame of lawlessness, is deformed gradually, in everyday life, and gradually starts to break, supersede imperiously, socially and spiritually valuable qualities to cultivate and spread to all levels of behaviour and an image of action of another order, - all that Feodor Dostoevsky had described under the name of "Demons".
Commercial mass-media and mass-culture is non critical, "in vain" and picks up all this, carrying it as " new revelation ".

Style which is without shame, on the contrary, with pride and aspiration is named "aggressive" and enters into fashion. -Features of an asymmetric paradigm is shameless and aggressive imposing by another.

Washing out of family values results in negative demographic shifts. Alcoholism as leaving from the validity - now it is simple florets in comparison with the arrival of drugs.

The spiritual devastation of the person is unfortunate and causes widely known consumer bulimia, (over consumption without a limit of saturation). Which finally only aggravates loading on an environment.

The criminal act in all pores of public life grows

Human, especially the nursery, mentality does not maintain an external pressure, more often, breaks the primary congenital integrity and cleanliness and adapts to thrust to the" realities of life ".

In due course, quality (social, mental, and lastly, physical health) the person is appreciably reduced, and becomes already a new public norm.

Threat of public safety and the factor of an everyday personal reality becomes corruption (in Russian more precisely - decomposition, disintegration, delay) as the many-sided, general and infectious phenomenon.

As a result, " the person becomes shallow " and becomes almost impossible, or a very problematic business to statesmen to lift fellow citizens on the decision of important ripened or already overripe national super problems.
Loss of the person occurs on all qualitative parameters. There is an intensive Darwinian selection to a negative attribute.

It is hardly probable that it is not the main threat of today's public safety.

New global paradigm - today is the unique (base) tool of construction of effective safety of the person and the world.

The human in his expansion on the planet has reached geographical domination. In the technics and natural sciences he has found physical domination. The paradigm of expansion has developed the historical mission.

Now it is time to start to render habitable the borrowed territory (glade) without opportunities of physical expansion and to build life going qualitatively different ways, at the expense of our own internal qualitative change.

Research of lessons of an old paradigm have demanded feedback - a new paradigm it is possible to present as two-part unity:

  1. The concept not disputed, bilateral (symmetric) coexistence of the person (community) with an environment as conditions of continuation of a life at preservation of its quality; and
  2. The concept of symmetric principles of not disputed coexistence of the person inside the community, restoration of rights and respect of the integrity of human nature.

Direct and symmetric interaction of the person and nature, the person and the person.
Coexistence of everybody and all as a necessary condition of survival and free sustainable development.

Transition from an old world system paradigm to a new one and this general and realized movement, a base vector of development:
From an image of actions in the form of direct action on an object without feedback (asymmetric) - to a new paradigm of coexistence:

To symmetric (self-equilibrant, self-steering), real global network of communications and attitudes to a fundamental condition of survival and development.

Needs of transition to a new paradigm of development are dictated by hard and long-term historical experience:

  1. 1. Comprehension of mutual inevitability - vulnerability, dependence and the responsibility of the parties attracting:
  2. 2. The requirement of general voluntary carrying of an image of actions from strategic egoism, mutual intimidation and expansion of its own domination for the benefit of philosophy, mutual responsibility, the mutually advantageous legal relations counterbalanced.

As the main motive to action is real growth of a degree of collective safety of participants on such a new system can act. It is essentially important for all parties of the process and for an opportunity in general to speak about the general future.

In conditions of crisis of spirituality, the spiritual motive of transition is weakened in brains now and considered as compelled, not as main, but also really not as less important.
In fact the spiritual crises cause bleeding and the world breaks between civilizations and causes dangers for all world system crisis.

To a new picture of the world

This will fail, starting up clouds of a dust, paper pyramids of blown financial institutions.
Hhere and there, will appear naked kings.

Polarization of the world will exchange.

The commodity-money reference has not yet exhausted itself; on the contrary, it will be freshened; market mechanisms will become more sensitive and sufficient. The world will begin movement to a greater degree of adequacy of attitudes. To the world cooperation. V.Vernadski's prophecy on the Noosphere as the new reasonable world order, a super organism will come true at last.

Elements of asymmetry as driving forces of competition, perfection of quality in fair competition will be saved also.

(It is important to note complementarity, compatibility and, simultaneously, competitiveness of both paradigms.)

  • The birth of symmetric structures already, now where it is possible, goes and peacefully grows in an existing asymmetric world order.
    It occurs already, in particular, in development of " a principle subsidiary " - transfer of power from top to bottom in the state and public management in the European Union. (I.I.Hohlov)

It is known that the existence of the World cooperative alliance as well, numbers hundreds of millions of members.

Processes of an impetuous urbanization, eternal road fuses; concentration, specialization and centralization of manufacture and authority will start to be replaced gradually by network structures of self-management, economic and political cooperation, more and more rural, uniform moving of people and to mitigation of non-uniformity of incomes. Chances of vital success will appear for those who are now deprived.

Inevitably it is necessary to restore natural environments, and to carefully and spiritually and competently to cure the mental health of the person as a condition of his high-grade, normal life.

In some modern societies the harmonious coexistence of tradition and high industry shows examples of safe countries and careful preservation of nature and ways of national culture: Japan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and former Russian province Chuchon - Finland.
In places where nature cannot be restored any more, the artificial landscape, young woods and man-made lakes - forest, fish culture will appear simple.

In structure of consumption of a source of raw materials the share renewed, such as wood and a biomass will start to grow.

Gradual transition of the world system to a symmetric paradigm is not only the further way of maintenance with the person, of growth of household comfort, but also qualitatively new steps of self-realization on planet Earth (and half-centuries, as already and behind its limits) in that maximum understanding of what will only be capable. With change of this understanding of technologies, without occurrence in contradictions with a symmetric paradigm, will be replaced.

The political decision to start preliminary development and the practical process of systematic transition cardinally will secure mankind against disastrous risks of catastrophic crush, as this document has described in the beginning.

It is necessary in many respects to study anew.

To self-esteem, add responsibility and freedom. To understand and store natural balances, to fall in love with beauty and the variety of the planet, to respect the value of the life of another person. The new paradigm is capable tof returning to concepts such as "culture", "labour", "solidarity", "right", "freedom", "life", and for some "belief", the primordial deep human sense and spirit.

Transition of the world system into prevalence of a new paradigm of development - not the lump sum or formal certificate, it is the process of preliminary judgment and its gradual realization, historical in time and, probably, dramatic in maintenance. The old system aggressively imposes itself. The new one is attractive internally - it does not clash with the old, goes towards it, growing in its pores and coexisting with it, - showing good will.

It will require a necessary historical transition of mankind on planet Earth - from destructive aggression, wildness of the wild animal -to creative spirituality and rationality of the human creature.

Whoever i will take this initiative, will not lose. Moreover, they will historically win, having saved the world from falling down ia precipice.

We see Russia as the country in which a natural course of a millenium old history has developed, - at a level of a matrix of consciousness, its cultural code, an organic combination, an alloy symmetric (traditional, partner, communal) and asymmetric (commercial, pragmatic, imperious), western and eastern types of social interactions. We see it as the country vitally needing an awakening of the opportunities and arrangements by which , till now have not been restored, and have not developed an internal identity.

The world sees Russia as the country recently actively using a universal code of a new paradigm in the foreign policy line that bears visible fruits and growing understanding of its value and advantage before brute force. One of the results - growth of trust and respect of Russia all over the world, and not on the basis of submission to fear, but on the basis of universal principles of mutual responsibility, and validity.

Harmonious connection of these components (achievement of the uniform standard of identity internal - and foreign policy) Russia could act as an example of confidence, well-being and quiet prosperity; the powerful guarantor of general stability, a world's spiritual pole, the engine of construction of a new world order.

Forces of a civil society are weakened. The first business would be to remove legislatively the now pernicious pressure of authorities upon small forms of self-organizing of society in both rural and city economies and politics - for its development the country needs millions of people, economically, politically strong and spiritually confident. Russia needs release if its own internal forces to arise if it wants be a point of transition, and it has to be reliable to resist, or suddenly it will burst with a global collapse.
Business is, behind the political will.

All science which is in a deep fundamental crisis requires a new paradigm in the same measure also.

The scientific community, with its broken and shattered branches and schools body, will search ways of a unification of natural sciences to an integral organism of knowledge of the person about itself and the world around.

On a way of synthesis of already saved up knowledge fundamental discoveries await many of us.

For the Scientific community it is necessary (A.Ursul) to adjust internal dialogue and methodological cooperation - to study. To build bridges between scientific "branches" and connect rags of sketchy knowledge, proceeding from performance of the universe as undoubtedly indissoluble wholeness; it is necessary to initiate and develop meaningful dialogue and a synergy between natural-science and metaphysical branches of science, between the various religious worlds and their faiths to return together to the person, integrity of nature as a terrestrial essence, alive, and spiritual and give God, reasoning.

To avoid destroying the planet with all of the horror and forces predicted, we will need to be rescued, one by one, - unless mankind is to wait passively " for the end of history "?

September 2007. Borovikovo.
Alexander Subbotin, author
Alexey Subbotin (Senior), ideas, critics, opposition.

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