Ethics Today Must Create A Moral Impact
Capable of Over-Hauling The Political System
Sub-theme: The common destiny of humankind - "the need for a reassessment of spiritual, ethical, philosophical and humanistic values".
by Wolfgang Fischer


Without information and analysis of the comprehensive dimensions of a patriarchal project(1) which has lasted for more than 5000 years, the anthropological mystery will remain unresolved and the following question will remain unanswered: "why are people acting against their very own interests of survival?", all of which, as a consequence, make global Holocaust increasingly likely.

The insanity of normality(2) is the consequence of a thinking reduced to black and white contrasts; finally this insanity is the expression of an intellectual and fictitious separation of the death-drive from the life-drive(3). Only mankind alienated from natural coherence of life and existence is ready to sacrifice his own life together with mother Nature's to Mammon, just for the sake of continued existence of capitalism, the youngest off-spring of the patriarchy.

Today's ethics threatens to lose sight of this anthropological mystery. As long as ethics fatally and simply fade it out of perception, ethics cannot contribute any solution. Separating people into good and evil thus remains unquestioned; it becomes allegedly natural and is hardly even discussed. The profound and cryptic character of the ‚cultural creating process' of patriarchy is not being broadly discussed by scientists. A proper understanding of human nature is consequently lost in the web of tensions of complex and secondary interests.

That is why today a destructive dynamics akin to necrophilia is able to present itself as a new world order. In comparison to the deadly arrogance of decision makers of modern societies even the wildest animal appears to be completely harmless.
An increasing cold lack of compassion can be detected like a thread running from the Mongolian assails, through the extermination of indigenous populations in all corners of the planet, through the annihilation by the Inquisition of our valuable know-how about nature so particularly deadly for women and through industrial killing of Jews pursued by the Nazis, right up to today's systematic exploitation of mankind and nature by corporate globalization.

Up to now, a lack of empathy consigned the satisfaction of the human social drive to obscurity in its global dimension: existence and the vital necessity of a human social drive has been virtually drowned in a deceitful error which excessively highlights the alleged ‚holy grail' of the pursuit of individual ‚fortune'. The erroneous quality of such an attitude simply drowns out the union of existence, the interconnectedness of all being. Instead of solidarity, a ruthlessly competitive society prevails. Instead of natural joy and abundance prevails a system which takes advantage of fear and scarcity. Instead of health, illness prevails. Instead of peace, war.

Let us therefore commemorate the great lifework of the philosopher, sociologist, psycho-analyst and humanist Erich Fromm(4) who shaped the term "biophilia" and acknowledge this by coming out on the love for life! Jointly with Wilhelm Reich, many more scientists and the majority of indigenous peoples at all times from all over the world Erich Fromm in contrast for example to the wide-spread teachings of Sigmund Freud exactly understood that the drive of life is the one and only autonomous force of life in the cosmos. It is creative by Nature. Dysfunctional motivations and desires as shown by history are inherent to this civilisation which makes a general well-being impossible. They are of secondary nature, that means they are mere consequences of alienated human thought and deeply inhuman conduct of life. Those never can be satisfied and consequently entail the well known insatiability of affected people, their nations and cultures. Violence, blood and thunder, suicide, war together with destruction of the fundaments of life are a proof which can no longer be ignored.

In front of these cannibalistically appearing tendencies it is plain ignorance in the service of capital which today permeates all social strata and sacrifices the many hard-won social achievements to the neo-feudal god of the global market.
An ethics, which truly seeks to meet its own standards cannot not ignore the complexity of this topic and must not flinch from demands to replace the system! A truthful ethics would liberate itself from the totalitarian clutches of power-strategists and clearly place itself on the side of life. We all, to whom life is dear and valuable, should support and promote this process of emancipation by engaging in it and by making our opinions known wherever we feel concerned(5). We can no longer leave ethics just to scientific specialists in universities, but we simple people must instead prove to be the actual promoters of an ethics and a conduct of life, which are neither corruptible nor subject to any Zeitgeist!



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Wolfgang Fischer

Born in Heidelberg, Germany, in 1951, traditional education in euro-centric Christian environment, medical doctor since 1978, married 1989, two children, experience of life lead to emotional tensions which urged me to question many of the concepts I automatically had accepted and adopted, a burning desire for harmony and a deep confidence in life helped to overcome my fears allowing me to withdraw support and to disassociate myself where- and whenever possible from concepts, programs, practices and persons that do not meet my deeply perceived ideal of overall responsibility.
In permanent schooling on my path towards growing humaneness I try to model my experience into words.

The emerging texts present mental concepts of reality as I learn to understand it.
Published in German, English and Spanish on internet [], [] everybody can check and see if my perceptions are coherent to what other people perceive, feel and think about existence, about life and the conditions of interrelated being.

My hope is to give a chance to the authenticity of united autonomy which is embedded in the interdependent and growing diversity of life to overcome the alienating monotony of maniac aberration and human degeneration.

The deviation towards unhealthy development in my eyes is being caused by the unique humane freedom of choice either to cooperate with life or to stand against it if the second choice is made.

My intention is to augment humane resonance within the given cosmic context for the benefit of an overall well being - finally allowing the emergence of the transformation of the prevailing socio-political systems away from clinging to matter and subordinating powers (necrophilia) towards pacifying and safeguarding Love of Life (biophilia).