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"Citizens for Global Solutions, a grassroots membership organization, envisions a future in which nations work together to abolish war, protect our rights and freedoms, and solve the problems facing humanity that no nation can solve alone. We invite you to work with us on our campaigns to promote the International Criminal Court, reform United Nations peace operations, and encourage our government to adopt a multilateral foreign policy that emphasizes cooperation with international institutions and our allies."

Citizens for a United Earth
Citizens for a United Earth is a group of volunteers in the area of Rochester, NY, who want a peaceful, sustainable, prosperous future for all the world's people. We believe the time has come for global citizenship, with people aware of their interdependence with others all over the world.

Civitatis International
Civitatis is a diverse non profit international research center that addresses issues from the perspective that the individual citizen is the primary sovereign unit in international society and that this basis is the key to understanding the many issues challenging the international system today.

Democratic World Government
Within any nation, the choice is between government (meaning the rule of law) and anarchy (the "law of the jungle"), and no serious person would choose anarchy. Governments are either democratic or dictatorial, and given a voice in the matter, the people of every nation will choose democracy, almost unanimously. These two statements are also true for the world as a whole. Without a world government to make world laws, nations will just continue to make wars, and terrorists will continue to kill innocent people. With nuclear, chemical and biological weapons in the mix, a World War III may well destroy all life on Earth. At some level, most people already know all these things, but they think they are helpless to change them. Now there is a credible plan of action, a plan that is already being carried out.

Earth Rights Institute
Earth Rights Institute is dedicated to securing a culture of peace and justice by establishing dynamic worldwide networks of persons of goodwill and special skill, promoting policies and programs which further democratic rights to common heritage resources, and building ecological communities.

Globalizing Peace, Justice Sustainability, Prosperity
The Simultaneous Policy is a peaceful political strategy to democratically drive all the world's nations to apply global solutions to global problems, including combating global warming and environmental destruction, regulating economic globalization for the good of all, and delivering social justice, peace and security, and sustainable prosperity.

Pax 2100
The goal is the economic, political, and social wellness of all individuals, cultures, and nations in a global framework which makes this possible. This means a form of human organization which assures each individual peace, justice, the right of retaining cultural identity, fair access to the earth's resources, health care, education, the right and opportunity to work, freedom of speech, religion, and to move freely around the world, and the right to participate in its governance.

Peace One Day
The Peace One Day (POD) film project began as the vision of one man, British filmmaker, Jeremy Gilley. Launched in September 1999, POD gained active support from all sectors of society, from governments through to individuals. In September 2001, POD achieved its primary objective. A United Nations General Assembly resolution (A/Res/55/282), put forward by the UK and Costa Rican governments, was unanimously adopted by all UN member states, formally establishing an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on the UN International Day of Peace, fixed in the global calendar on 21 September - Peace Day. All sectors of society are being asked to honour and celebrate the Day on 21 September. The vision of the Day extends far beyond the cessation of violent conflict and represents an opportunity for individuals to join in a moment of global unity.

Sapiens is an international movement of people and organizations working to establish a democratically elected World Governing Authority by the democratization of existing international bodies (particularly the UN) or by the creation of completely new democratic bodies such as the e-parliament.

United Nations
Today, nearly every nation in the world belongs to the UN: membership totals 191 countries. When States become Members of the United Nations, they agree to accept the obligations of the UN Charter, an international treaty that sets out basic principles of international relations. The United Nations is not a world government and it does not make laws. It does, however, provide the means to help resolve international conflicts and formulate policies on matters affecting all of us. At the UN, all the Member States - large and small, rich and poor, with differing political views and social systems - have a voice and a vote in this process.

We, The World
"Our purpose is to maximize social change on a global scale to create cultures of peace and environmental well-being for a world that works for all. We hope you will join us in this endeavor!"

World Beyond Borders
In the Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace, John Perry Barlow wrote of "a world all may enter without privilege or prejudice accorded by race, economic power, military force, or station of birth." We are not content to have this world exist only in cyberspace. We seek to make the real world a place without borders... o where people recognize each other's common humanity and celebrate both cultural diversity and our fundamental unity; o where everybody's basic needs are met in ways that allow all of us to thrive; o where war has been abolished and conflicts are resolved through political and legal means; o and where our loyalties to our planet and the human species come before national loyalties. These goals can all be accomplished through the establishment of a democratic global government.

World Citizen Foundation
"The World Citizen Foundation is a nonprofit nonpartisan think-tank dedicated to the design of solutions to international problems based on the fundamental principles of equal human dignity, liberty, democracy and constitutionally protected basic rights of all."

World Citizen News

World Federalist Movement
"An international citizens' movement working for justice, peace, and sustainable prosperity. We call for an end to the rule of force, through a world governed by law, based on strengthened and democratized world institutions. We are inspired by the democratic principles of federalism." One World Trust "The One World Trust was formed 50 years ago by the All-Party Group for World Government to promote a greater sense of world community. The Trust believes that sustainable world peace, prosperity and justice will only be achieved when individuals see themselves as world citizens as well as citizens of their own nations."

World Government Web

THE WORLD - universally outgoing, conceptually unbounded, the planet dynamically, synergistically and organically one with itself and the cosmos. CITIZENSHIP - the restrictive rights and duties within a given social structure. The two words together seem paradoxical. "You can educate either the citizen or the man," wrote Thoreau. Yet in their union lies the potential success of the human species; in their non-union lies the demise of a fatally flawed creature which could not overcome its self-imposed global anarchy.

The World Parliament
The WP is a Democratic Non-military Government Based on Establishing Peace and Solving Environmental Problems.

Where the world meets for peace
The Global Marshall Plan Initiative works towards a worldwide Eco-Social Market Economy by the means of a Global Marshall Plan. Global Marshall Plan News is the means to inform all supporters about the latest developments.
The Global Spiral is the winner of a 2007 American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design USA.

The Global Spiral is a monthly online magazine dedicated to the mission and vision of Metanexus Institute. Metanexus is a not-for-profit organization that promotes transdisciplinary research into profound questions of human meaning and purpose with the aim of transforming our educational, religious, and civic institutions.

The present moment, with its ever-accelerating technological development, instantaneous global communication, and unprecedented interaction among cultures, presents remarkable possibilities for enhancing the common good. However, despite the increase in the quantity and diversity of our knowledge, our understanding of ourselves and our world is becoming ever more fragmented. This fragmentation lies at the root of many of the current threats to our well-being and the well-being of our planet.

The Global Spiral addresses this problem by offering transformative, transdisciplinary content that is not just about the life of the mind, but about paying mind to the whole of life. We do this through…
· Incisive articles written by scholars whose thought transcends disciplinary divisions
· Penetrating book reviews
· Original works of art that expand our understanding of foundational questions
· Current news and events from Metanexus network partners around the globe
· Engaging Interviews with luminary scholars
· Multimedia downloads

Our main areas of exploration include:
· "Science and Religion dialogue" as symptom of the fragmentation of knowledge
· The rediscovery and retrieval of human meaning and purpose
· Navigating the clash of civilizations and cultures through transdisciplinary scholarship and dialogue
· New possibilities for metaphysics
· The urgency of authenticity
· The self, soul, and personhood
· Nature and Humanity
· Faith and Reason
The Institute for Responsible Technology is organizing a major program with the natural food industry. Although this will be the subject of an entirely new website soon, here is a preview of the campaign.
Healthy Eating Means No GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

You may have heard that genetically modified (GM) foods are safe, properly tested, and necessary to feed a hungry world. UNTRUE! Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are one of the most dangerous and radical changes in our food ever. These largely unregulated ingredients are in 60-70% of the foods in the US, but are well worth efforts to avoid them. This is the first in a series of articles that exposes the serious risks of the GMOs on our plates and farms, and helps you to feed your family a healthier "non-GMO" diet. Fortunately, health-conscious retailers, distributors, manufacturers and growers are now participating in The Campaign for Healthier Eating in America, which will eliminate GMOs from thousands of products. This will make it easier for you and may even end the genetic engineering of the entire US food supply.

This industry-wide rejection of GMOs can be achieved by a "tipping point," in which a sufficient number of shoppers in the US avoiding GM ingredients force the major food companies to stop using them. Europe reached the tipping point in April 1999 and within a single week, virtually all major manufacturers publicly committed to stop using GM ingredients in their European brands. This consumer-led revolt against GMOs in the EU was generated by a February 1999 media firestorm after a top GMO safety researcher, Dr. Arpad Pusztai, was "ungagged by Parliament" and able to tell this alarming story to the press.

Dr. Pusztai was the world's top researcher in his field and a senior researcher at the prestigious Rowett Institute in Scotland. He had been working on a UK government grant to design long-term testing protocols that were intended to become part of the official European GM food safety assessment process. But when Pusztai fed supposedly harmless GM to rats, they developed potentially pre-cancerous cell growth, smaller brains, livers and testicles, partially atrophied livers, and a damaged immune system. Moreover, the results clearly indicated that the cause of the problem was due to the unpredictable side effects arising from the process of genetic engineering itself. In other words, it suggested that the GM foods already on the market, which were created from the same process, might also create such effects. When expressed his concern he was fired from his job after 35 years and silenced with threats of a lawsuit, his 20 member research team was disbanded, the testing protocols were abandoned, and the pro-GM establishment embarked on an extensive disinformation campaign to discredit the study's results and protect the reputation of GM foods. But when an invitation to testify before Parliament allowed Pusztai to finally tell his story, all hell broke loose. The outpouring of news coverage, said to one columnist, "divided society into two warring blocs" over the GM food issue. The tipping point was reached quickly thanks to the buying power of consumers that convinced manufacturers to keep GMOs out of the EU, in spite of official approvals by the pro-GM European Commission.

Post Carbon Institute
The mission of Post Carbon Institute is to assist communities in the effort to Relocalize and adapt to an energy constrained world.
Post Carbon Institute is a think, action and education tank offering research, project tools, education and information to implement proactive strategies to adapt to an energy constrained world. The development of Post Carbon Institute came out of concern for the environmental, social, political and economic ramifications of global over-reliance on cheap energy.

Our main response to these concerns is the strategy of Relocalization, which aims to rebuild societies based on the local production of food and energy, and the Relocalization of currency, governance and culture. The main goals of Relocalization are to increase community energy security, strengthen local economies, and dramatically improve environmental conditions and social equity.

PovertyNet provides an introduction to key issues as well as in-depth information on poverty measurement, monitoring, analysis, and on poverty reduction strategies for researchers and practitioners.,,menu
PK:336998~pagePK:149018~piPK:149093~theSitePK:336992,00.html is a site devoted to promoting the advancement of worldcentric consciousness. The mass movement of this global awareness can trace its origin to the earlier photographs taken of our planet. (The one featured in the animation above on the Earth Flag was taken in 1972) Because of the growing momentum of this coherent and more encompassing perspective, it is absurd to think that within a hundred years or even fifty years from now we will still be living with our current imbalanced world order of ecological crisis and anarchy between nuclear armed nation states. It is more likely we will begin learning to live together as one united people or our species will enter a new dark age to become decimated by world wars and environmental catastrophe. If we want a sustainable and livable future, we must continue working towards a united world for ourselves and the generations that proceed us.


Can we permanently stop
terrorism and war?
If 50 demonstration projects and 23 published scientific studies can be believed, the answer is Yes.
If this large body of evidence-accepted and published by mainstream scientific journals-is accurate, groups of peace-creating experts can dramatically reduce violent crime, terrorism, and war.
If the scientific process is meaningful, ancient sages were correct about the peace-creating power of human consciousness. Modern science and timeless wisdom have come together in a practical, powerful technology of peace.
The World Puja Network-the world's global network bringing humanity a broader path to unification and upliftment.
The Intention Experiment is a series of scientifically controlled, web-based experiments testing the power of intention to change the physical world.

Thousands of volunteers from 80 countries around the world have participated in Intention Experiments thus far

The Intenders of the Highest Good
The Intenders of the Highest Good show you how to set your intention to have that which you desire come to you as easily and effortlessly as possible. We have rediscovered a simple method of empowerment that we call The Intention Process which is making all of our dreams come true. We understand that our desires are in us to be fulfilled and that our thoughts create our world. We support and help one another to become as clear as possible in our words and our thoughts so that we can live our lives to the fullest.
The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love was founded in June of 2001 with a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation. Sir John was kind enough to allow the Institute to borrow its name from his book entitled Pure Unlimited Love: An Eternal Creative Force and Blessing Taught by All Religions (2000). Throughout his life Sir John has urged all religions to think of God primarily in terms of Unlimited Love for all persons without exception, and he has proposed a "humility theology" in which we recognize how very little we really do know about spiritual realities. Deeply concerned with the ways in which human arrogance and group egoism can lead to religious violence, Sir John has proposed that we acknowledge how little we know, and that we draw on the best methods of science to gradually help us gain insights into the great perennial questions that animate spiritual and religious belief and practice. Often, Sir John has suggested that progress will come from learning as much as we possibly can about such things as gratitude, joy, purpose, optimism, forgiveness, creativity, awe, unselfish giving, altruism and love. And in particular, he has asked us to study deeply about love as the Ultimate Reality of all existence and of all human goodness.



A Plea For a Change of Discourse
Frank Visser
My 25 years of involvement with Ken Wilber and his work have been quite a story. Let's take them decade by decade. It is a story of discovery, meeting, creativity, debate and distancing.

The Eighties: Years of Discovery
It is not difficult to initially be impressed by Ken Wilber's writings. Even his strongest critics have gone through that phase.
Back in 1982 I had just started my university studies (psychology of religion) after a trip to India (Poona), and found the academic treatment of the subject quite a hard landing. After I stumbled on Wilber's book No Boundary it immediately piqued my interest. His subsequent books were what I call a "second education", in parallel with my academic pursuits.

Especially The Atman Project (and it's companion volume Up from Eden) grabbed my attention. It outlined a path to Spirit, both in individual development and cultural history, and integrated a lot of material in the process. In subsequent years, I absorbed Wilber's books one by one, and was especially longing to see the announced two-volume transpersonal psychology handbook System, Self and Structure in print. I even secretly thought I could, with the help of that handbook, straighten out my fellow academics on the subject of psychology, spirituality and mysticism.
About the Initiative
World Peace-the healing of the world-is achieved through a very simple principle: We Create Peace By Being Peace. It is this universal truth that has inspired the Peace Every Day Initiative, a global, collective, daily, meditation of peace. The purpose is to unite a minimum of 8,000 people, while holding the vision of 144,000 or more people, to meditate/pray by becoming the vibration of peace for 40 minutes or more each day, individually and especiallly in groups. Any time of day is effective, though sunrise or sunset are powerful nodal times. This powerful thought-form of peace is enough to shift the global consciousness so that we may fully celebrate peace on earth!

Launching the Initiative
The Peace Every Day Initiative was launched on November 8, 2003 at sunset. This was the time of an astrological Harmonic Concordance. The concordance is a lunar eclipse and a six planet configuration in the shape of the Star of David which is said to accelerate the healing of karma, heal the waters of the planet, heal the ecosystem, elevate consciousness, and harmonize male and female into sacred relationship, a subtle relationship which supports people in living in the Divine Presence. It is an accelerated opportunity for humans to work collectively to enhance the transformation of the planet.

Global Prayer Project
Prayer, Meditation & Discussion with James & Salle Redfield is evolving a collaborative social network that orchestrates, monitors, and validates the effectiveness of peace-engendering events, such as local and global meditations and prayers, peace concerts and dances, and other practices.
The Culture of Peace Initiative is a United Nations-designated "Peace Messenger Initiative" with participants in all the world's regions. The annual highlight day of the Culture of Peace Initiative is the International Day of Peace, September 21.

What is the GaiaField Project?
Many people intuitively recognize the power of uniting millions of people from diverse spiritual traditions around the globe in meditation and prayer for peace.

Several well-organized global meditation and prayer events, such as the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, the GaiaMind meditation of 1997, James Twyman's "Great Experiments" and the annual International Day of Peace Vigil have involved hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people. Numerous research studies have documented consistent, significant correlations between the presence of large groups of meditators and improvements in social indicators such as crime rates, war deaths, and terrorist activity. Many spiritual leaders and visionary thinkers have hypothesized that these global rituals for peace may accelerate the emergence of a unified global consciousness.

The vision of the GaiaField Project is to support the emergence of a large, resilient, multi-hub network of spiritual leaders and their constituencies who will regularly participate in and co-create large-scale global meditation and prayer vigils. Our aim is not so much to set up another new global meditation network, but to facilitate the sharing of information and resources between the many existing networks which share the goal of bringing together hundreds of thousands of people in meditation or prayer for world peace. Our strategy involves upgrading this website ( to incorporate state-of-the-art web broadcasting, mapping, and social networking technology to more easily organize events, connect peacemakers with each other, and enhance participants' sense of interconnection during events. (This current website is a placeholder for the interactive website still in development.) Our strategy also includes convening face-to-face meetings with relevant spiritual leaders and organizing annual live or online gatherings for leaders.

The GaiaField Project is currently a joint project of the California Institute of Integral Studies and Wisdom Mountain, both of which are non-profit organizations based in Northern California. For more information, please contact Project Director David Nicol at For more information about the people behind the Gaiafield Project.
Children of the Sun is a global platform assisting in the transformation of world consciousness through the Unified Field of Higher Consciousness. As Ambassadors of Light, we serve as the bridge between dimensional realities.

The Planetary Grid Transmissions

Every New and Full Moon …throughout 2008

Program Description
The Crystalline Grid is powerfully reactivating as part of the New Earth template. This planetary grid is our new foundation and a spiritual "telecommunications system" to help us connect and remain connected to the higher consciousness of humans all over the world.

By consciously aligning with and connecting to the Crystalline Grid on a regular basis, we strengthen our ability to receive and transmit higher dimensional energies... as one synergistic beam of Love and transforming energy. Children of the Sun is putting out the call to people around the world to join this influential matrix and expanding forcefield of light.

This is a massive support system during this period of increased intensity in the Earth's restructuring process. One of the main uses of this highly advanced crystalline structure is to bring stabilization and balance to our and the Earth's processes. It also profoundly assists us in developing skills of higher consciousness. This includes the higher sense perception such as telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, receiving and decoding the languages of light, multidimensional communications, to name a few. These are very important skills for the now times.

The Transmissions

The grid transmissions take place every new and full moon. These regular transmissions shower amplified infusions of light to assist in our personal transformation and as that is divinely aligned. As a forcefield, this amplified field supports each of us in releasing the old and embodying the new. We unite and link our collective Light in a purified, highly tuned geometric field. This unified geometric field is also know as Group Merkaba.
Important to Build the Grid Networks

Serving as crystalline human portals and an extension of this powerful network, we each receive and transmit these new Earth energies to and from our intimate sphere of influence and the geographic locations in which we live. It is very important that we focus on building our own networks of light on this grid matrix. This is to help your friends, family and those closest to you. As we are all linked, what occurs in our field also affects those in our intimate sphere. The networks also empower and expand the matrix into greater fields of mass unification.
With aligned intent, we can accelerate transformation into specific areas of the world especially those affected by the planetary shift. In these times of tremendous change, we are assured of this unified forcefield and giant support system to be in place, every new and full moon without fail.

Everyone is inspired to build their own networks of Light. We are also calling forth participation from people who anchor light energy at sacred sites and specific geographical areas of strong crystalline energy. These are the "central power stations" of the grid across the globe. These places of centralized power hold a high concentrated level of crystalline energy, purified frequencies and are the massive energy fields used to support this grid matrix. Human representatives from these areas help to optimize the transmission process.

How it Works
The transmissions will occur over a full 24 hour period on each day of the new and full moon.

Unified Meditation will take place during 3 world times:
Paris, France 8 p.m.
Sydney, Australia 8 p.m.
New York, USA 9 p.m.

During this day, you may choose to go into meditation, connect to the grid and simply receive. If you have built a network or desire to assist with the unified planetary focus, you can also serve as a crystalline human portal in both receiving and transmitting.

We would like to emphasize the importance of placing conscious focus on building your luminous body of Light, our vehicle of ascension that transports us into the higher dimensional system of new Earth energy. The more that this crystalline body is developed and activated, the more easily you can connect into the planetary grid and cosmic hologram of Love.

Important links:
World Clock Calculator
(for Unified Meditation time in you home zone
The Flower of Life Research organization was created to disseminate the teachings of the merkaba, sacred geometry, (as originally presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek) as well as the opening of the heart. We also provide methods to integrate the left brain (mind) and the right brain (heart/feeling/intuition) into a fluid understanding of the cosmos that is not only intellectually understood but also tangibly experienced. These teachings help inspire individuals to remember who they really are and to find the courage to expand beyond their limited views of themselves. Each human has a unique talent which, when discovered, nurtured, and truly lived, changes our own personal world. By living that pure true self beyond our limited beliefs, we slowly change the world around us into an experience of higher intention, greater freedom and possibility.

Have you ever wished that you could FEEL your connection to the universe rather than just visualize it? Through our teachings of sacred geometry, we introduce the student to ancient esoteric teachings given around the world for thousands of years. These teachings, based on sacred geometry, illustrate for the left brain how there is truly only one consciousness, one spirit, one God, and that we are all part of that oneness. After the mind understands this concept, we then teach the student a 17-breath merkaba meditation that will allow he or she to feel and experience this unity of all life. The left and right brains suddenly awaken to this universal truth and the heart begins to put this truth into action.

Wisdom communities we highly recommend
Collective Intelligence Institute
Leading-edge experiments and conversations to weave new, wiser forms of civilization.

Collective Wisdom Initiative.
Collaborative research on collective wisdom

six million plus people who care to make a difference in countless ways

National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation
A major hub for the growing dialogue and deliberation movement.

Network for local production of food, energy and goods, and the local development of currency, governance and culture.

Future Search
Planning meeting that helps people transform their capability for action very quickly

The Berkana Institute
Leadership to help resolve our most pressing local problems

Commonway Institute
Creating a "Common Society Movement" for a world that works for all

Integral Institute
integral learning community & services inspired by integral philosopher Ken Wilber
Co-Intelligence Institute ( Works to further the understanding and development of co-intelligence. It focuses on catalyzing co-intelligence in the realms of politics, governance and conscious evolution of ourselves and our social systems. Co-intelligence Institute researches, networks, advocates, and helps organize leading-edge experiments and conversations in order to weave what is possible into new, wiser forms of civilization.

Collective Wisdom Initiative ( is a collaborative research project on the phenomenon of collective wisdom and a community of scholar/practitioners in this field. Their website contains a wealth of well-researched and well-written material on the topic of collective wisdom.

National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation ( NCDD is a major hub for the growing dialogue and deliberation movement. Its library is a very well-organized and comprehensive resource for researchers and practitioners of D&D.

The Berkana Institute ( The Berkana Institute is a worldwide community of people who recognize the need for change in our communities, organizations and nations. They offer leadership to help resolve our most pressing local problems.

The Relocalization Network ( Relocalization supports the production of local goods and services while also making a firm commitment to reducing consumption and improving environmental and social conditions. In this way, communities begin to develop a greater degree of economic self-reliance and stronger sense of community.

Commonway Institute ( The Commonway Institute is Sharif Abdullah's vehicle for his work to create a "Common Society Movement" for a world that works for all. Sharif is an inspiring teacher and speaker about the need for a fundamental shift in our consciousness to one based on inclusivity. See also his new website

Integral City (
Integral City "Meshworks Global Intelligences in the Global Village. "They apply integral city systems to benefit cultural creative citizens, city managers, foundations, and developers.

Integral Institute (
Integral Institute is an integral community dedicated to bringing the Integral Approach to bear on personal and global issues, inspired by integral philosopher Ken Wilber.

Earthdance (
The Global festival for peace, uniting over 250 locations in 50 countries through music and dance in celebration of peace.

Global EcoVillage Network (
The Global Ecovillage Network is a global confederation of people and communities that meet and share their ideas, exchange technologies, develop cultural and educational exchanges, directories and newsletters, and are dedicated to restoring the land and living "sustainable plus" lives by putting more back into the environment than we take out.

Reuniting America (
Reuniting America is a bipartisan effort to convene Americans from across the political spectrum in dialogue around areas of mutual concern to build trust and identify opportunities for collaborative action.

Care2 (
With more than 6 million members, is the largest online community for people who want to make a difference. If you care about health, human rights and protecting the environment, and if you believe individuals have the power to change the world, you're going to love Care2.

United Religions Initiative (
United Religions Initiative (URI) is a global community with spiritual heart including thousands of members in over 50 countries representing more than 100 religions, spiritual expressions, and indigenous traditions. Its purpose is to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.

Future Search (
Future search is a planning meeting that helps people transform their capability for action very quickly. It brings together 60 to 80 people in one room or hundreds in parallel rooms. Future search brings people from all walks of life into the same conversation - those with resources, expertise, formal authority and need. They meet for 16 hours spread across three days. People tell stories about their past, present and desired future. Through dialogue they discover their common ground. Only then do they make concrete action plans. The cooperative planning that emerges from the meeting tends to last for years.

Circle Work
One of the simplest, most ancient, and profound methods for helping to elicit a group's collective intelligence is the practice of people sitting in a circle listening deeply and speaking from the heart. The circle format encourages a focus on dialogue - people learning and exploring together in an open-ended way - rather than on getting through an agenda or completing tasks. Many circles invite in the presence of the sacred through a simple ritual of lighting a candle or taking a few minutes of silence to begin the meeting. As Tom Atlee (founder of the Co-Intelligence Institute) says, "Even the simplest, most unsophisticated circles are experienced as revolutionary by people who've known little more than the hectic, banal, adversarial or repressed communication modes typical of our mainstream culture."

Leading social change networks and organizations who have adopted the circle format as a central practice.

Wisdom Circles (
Wisdom Circles is an organization that encourages and supports the practice of wisdom circles for self-discovery and community building in small groups. They offer a free Wisdom Circle Format, with "Ten Constants" that serve as guidelines for the wisdom circle process. They have also published a book called Wisdom Circles, A Guide to Self-Discovery and Community Building in Small Groups (Hyperion, 1998). Wisdom Circles is based in Oakland, California.

Millionth Circle Initiative (
The Millionth Circle Initiative is a grassroots, international volunteer organization of women who believe that circles are the means through which world consciousness will change. The Initiative was inspired by Jean Shinoda Bolen's book The Millionth Circle: How to Change Ourselves and the World (see below for details). The initiative is affiliated with the Women's World Summit Foundation, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, an international NGO accredited to the United Nations, and is informally linked to numerous organizations, networks, and individuals throughout the world.

PeerSpirit (
PeerSpirit is an education and service company that promotes and teaches an original group process methodology called PeerSpirit Council. The co-founders of PeerSpirit are Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea, both authors in the field of personal and social change. Their circle process draws substantially from Christina Baldwin's book Calling the Circle: The First and Future Culture (Bantam, 1998). They offer seminars in a retreat setting several times a year to teach their circle process.

From the Four Directions (
From the Four Directions is a global leadership initiative that uses the PeerSpirit Circle process to support local community leaders all around the world. From the Four Directions is a project of the Berkana Institute, an organization founded by Dr. Margaret Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science (Berrett-Koehler, 1999). Amongst other things, From the Four Directions:

  • works around the globe to organize local conversation circles among citizen leaders so that they might name their hopes and challenges, learn from colleagues, and act courageously to move their hopes into reality;
  • provides technical expertise, coaching, networking and resources for people to start circles and ensure their success; and
  • connects local circles to one another to weave a global network that can emerge as a global force for change.

Spirit in Action: Circles of Change (
Spirit in Action is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a successful movement for spirit-centered social change in the US. Central to their work is their "Circles of Change" program which brings together small groups of diverse activists for the purpose of building community; developing new ways to bring spirit into social justice work; articulating a collective vision; and taking action for individual, cultural and systemic change. The Circles of Change grow out of an initial round of thirteen sessions with eight to twelve participants from a local community. Their circles model supports participants to: embrace a broad understanding of spirit; invite spirit into groups that are culturally diverse and committed to social and political change; create a positive, long-term vision for local communities and national society; build community across differences and work through conflict; and include self-care, relationship-building and dialogue in their action for change.

United Religions Initiative: Cooperation Circles (
United Religions Initiative (URI) was founded in 2000 by an extraordinary global community committed to promoting enduring, daily interfaith cooperation and to ending religiously motivated violence. The URI includes thousands of members in over 50 countries representing more that 100 religions, spiritual expressions, and indigenous traditions. The heart of URI is the global network of locally organized "Cooperation Circles." The Cooperation Circle is the basic unit of URI membership and consists of local or virtual groups that include at least seven members and at least three different religions, spiritual paths and indigenous traditions.

Study Circles Resource Center: Study Circles (
The Study Circles Resource Center is the primary project of The Paul J. Aicher Foundation, a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. The project is designed to help communities develop their own ability to solving problems by bringing lots of people together in dialogue across divides of race, income, age, and political viewpoints. They work with neighborhoods, cities and towns, states, school districts, schools, and college campuses, paying particular attention to the racial and ethnic dimensions of the problems they address. Study circles are small, diverse groups of 8-12 people who meet together in the spirit of dialogue and deliberation for several two-hour sessions. They aim to connect deliberative dialogue with social, political, and policy change.

The Simple Living Network: Simplicity Circles (
Simplicity Circles are small groups of people who gather together to support each other to simplify their lives. Hundreds of Simplicity Circles have formed as part of the burgeoning Voluntary Simplicity movement involving tens of thousands of people around the world. Simplicity Circles are usually organized around the principles outlined in a book by Cecile Andrews, The Circle of Simplicity: Return to the Good Life (HarperCollins, 1997).

Peace X Peace: Connecting Women for Peace (
Peace X Peace connects women's circles in the United States with women's Circles everywhere in the world - directly via the Internet - for the exchange of information and personal experiences that typically result in mutually supportive actions. Their internet-based Global Network facilitates direct online communication between women-led circles across the US and Sister Circles around the world.

Circles of Ten: Women for world peace (
Women for world peace create support groups for women focused on nonviolent, solution-directed, social change and experiential, educational, peace circles that promote peacemaking activism locally and internationally.

Albert Einstein Archives

"There is no salvation for civilization, or even the human race, other than the creation of a world government." - Albert Einstein

International Albert Schweitzer Association

"The awareness that we are all human beings together has become lost in war and through politics." - Albert Schweitzer

An Inconvenient Truth http://www.climatecrisis.netTrailer

An Inconvenient Truth brings home Al Gore's persuasive argument that we can no longer afford to view global warming as a political issue - rather, it is the biggest moral challenge facing our global civilization.


"Spiritual revelation tells us that there is only one, not two. And so the fulfillment of that inner revelation is the coming together with others as One." - Andrew Cohen

The Baha'is

Founded a century and a half ago, the Bahá'í Faith is today among the fastest-growing of the world's religions. With more than five million followers, who reside in virtually every nation on earth, it is the second-most widespread faith, surpassing every religion but Christianity in its geographic reach.

Buddhist Faith Fellowship of Connecticut

The Buddhist Faith Fellowship (BFF) is an independent and progressive lay Buddhist community in Central Connecticut that teaches from a cosmopolitan perspective. This conviction formulated from Buddhist doctrine emphasizes the idea that all human beings, regardless of their political affiliation, do (or at least can) belong to a single community, and that this community should be cultivated.


"Up there in the immensity of the Cosmos, an inescapable perception awaits us. National boundaries are not evident when we view the Earth from space. Fanatical ethnic, religious or national chauvinisms are a little difficult to maintain when we see our planet as a fragile blue crescent fading to become an inconspicuous point of light against the bastion and citadel of the stars." - Carl Sagan

Creating a Culture of Peace

"What marching through the streets was to the Sixties, walking through the halls of Congress is now." - Marianne Williamson


The work of Eckhart Teachings is in response to the urgent need of our times: the transformation of consciousness and the arising of a more enlightened humanity.

Earth Pledge identifies and promotes innovative techniques and technologies that restore the balance between human and natural systems. Through demonstration, education, and research, we deliver viable models to government, industry, and communities. The New York region is our laboratory for implementing replicable solutions that will inspire and facilitate a global transition to sustainability.

The Eleventh Hour

The 11th Hour has interviews with over 50 leading scientists, thinkers and leaders who discuss the state of the world and the state of humanity.

Gandhian Institute

"The golden way is to be friends with the world and to regard the whole human family like the members of one family." - Mohandas Gandhi


"You and I may be fellow humans, but we are not fellow nationalists. I am a fellow who willfully withdrew from the copartnership of citizen and national state and declared himself a world citizen." - Garry Davis

The Government of Tibet in Exile

"All human beings come from a mother's womb. We are all the same part of one human family. We should have a clear realization of the oneness of all humanity."
- The Dalai Lama

Integral Institute

Integral Institute is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the Integral Approach to bear on personal and global issues. What's "Integral"? It simply means more balanced, comprehensive, interconnected, and whole. By using an Integral approach-whether it's in business, personal development, art, education, or spirituality (or any of dozens of other fields)-we can include more aspects of reality, and more of our humanity, in order to become more fully awake and effective in anything we do.

Integral Naked

"We are awaiting the new global founding Fathers and Mothers who will frame an integral system of governance that will call us to our more encompassing future..."
- Ken Wilber

The Jane Goodall Institute

Founded by renowned primatologist Jane Goodall, JGI is a global nonprofit that empowers people to make a difference for all living things. We are creating healthy ecosystems, promoting sustainable livelihoods and nurturing new generations of committed, active citizens around the world.

John F. Kennedy Library and Museum

"Can we forge against these enemies (tyranny, poverty, disease and war) a grand and global alliance, North and South, East and West, that can assure a more fruitful life for all mankind? Will you join in that historic effort?" - John F. Kennedy

The U.S. vs. John Lennon

"Imagine no possessions. I wonder if you can. No need for greed or hunger; a brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people sharing all the world. You may say that I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as one." - John Lennon

Joseph Campbell Foundation

"Earth is the country we are going to be celebrating and the people on it are going to be those we become one with." - Joseph Campbell

The King Center

"The large house in which we live demands that we transform this world-wide neighborhood into a world-wide brotherhood, together we must learn to live as brothers or together we will be forced to perish as fools." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Krishnamurti Foundation of America

"There can only be humanity, and not the cruel division of races and the childish absurdity of nationalism." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

Official Website of Malcolm X

"I believe in recognizing every human being as a human being - neither white, black, brown, or red; and when you are dealing with humanity as a family there's no question of integration or intermarriage. It's just one human being marrying another human being or one human being living around and with another human being."--Malcolm X

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

ManyOne will become the Internet's first truly public information service, designed to serve the needs of citizens worldwide, and the world's most trusted institutions.

Plum Village

"We are here to unlearn the illusion of our separateness." - Thich Nhat Hanh

Roots and Shoots

Roots & Shoots engages and inspires youth through community service and service learning. Founded by Dr. Jane Goodall, this global program emphasizes the principle that knowledge leads to compassion, which inspires action. All Roots & Shoots groups show care and concern in three areas: the human community, animals, and the environment.

Sacred Mirrors
Alex Grey on Google Video

"I would like to enroll you in building a chapel open to all humanity for initiation into the miracle of being alive." - Alex Grey


Star Trek has inspired a vision of our future in which humanity is united. Because the Earth's resources aren't sapped by weapons for wars waged between nation states, vast reserves of energy have been freed up, allowing humanity to end poverty and explore space. This popular science fiction series has helped spread a world centric view of humanity; that there is a higher authority in which we owe our allegiance, beyond the limited nationalism of the nation state.


Star Wars presents us with an endearing cosmopolitan archetype; aliens and humans forging close friendships, spiritual bonds and alliances even when they speak different languages and look vastly different from one another. It also makes us think about religion in a universalist perspective. Do alien beings on far off worlds worship the same Gods that our great religions offer us? Or perhaps there is something more like the Force, binding all life in all galaxies together towards one common destiny.

Stop Divine Strake

"Divine Strake" is the name given to the planned military test explosion of a 700-ton ammonium nitrate-fuel oil bomb that was originally scheduled to be detonated at the Nevada Test Site on June 2, 2006. What is the purpose of Divine Strake? One of the main purposes of the "Divine Strake" test, if not the only one, is to use a large conventional high explosive charge to simulate the effect of a low yield nuclear weapon. Early Department of Defense budget documents described the Divine Strake test as a demonstration intended to '...simulate a low yield nuclear weapon ground shock environment...,' and as part of a planning tool to '...improve the warfighter's confidence in selecting the smallest proper nuclear yield necessary to destroy underground facilities...'

Unitary Perception

"Enlightenment is essentially being aware that all human beings are one."
- Ruben Gonzalez

What is Enlightenment Magazine

WIE is about finding new ways to think: new answers to the difficult questions that are the challenge of our moment in history.

Sacred Sites
Since prehistoric times, sacred places have exerted a mysterious attraction on billions of people around the world. Ancient legends and modern day reports tell of extraordinary things that have happened to people while visiting these places. Different sacred sites have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind, increase creativity, develop psychic abilities, and awaken the soul to a knowing of its true purpose in life. While contemporary science cannot explain - and therefore disregards - the seemingly miraculous phenomena which occurs at the holy places, they continue to be the most venerated and visited locations on planet earth. What is the key to the mystery of the sacred sites and how are we to explain their power?

Explorer-anthropologist Martin Gray has spent twenty years as a wandering pilgrim visiting, studying and photographing over 1000 sacred sites in 80 countries around the world. To share his insights and photographs with a wide audience, Martin gives presentations at museums, universities and conferences throughout the United States, South America and Europe. Based upon extensive scholarly knowledge and his own mystical experiences at the sacred sites, Martin offers a fascinating discussion of the mythology and anthropology of pilgrimage places and a radical explanation of the miraculous phenomena that occurs at the sites. Featuring hundreds of beautiful photographs, Martin's slide shows are a magical blend of art, history and travel adventure, shamanism, inspiration and spiritual ecology.

The places illustrated throughout his web sites are a selection of those shown in Martin's slide shows. Each of the photographs featured here are accompanied with information on the archaeology, mythology and significance of the sites.

Martin Gray

Initiative Emanzipation ad Humanum

Having in mind Life in Peace and Creative Conviviality this three-lingual
initiative since 1999 pursues a double-fold strategy to make the realisation
of that goal become a completely natural purpose in life for ever more
people. The first approach is illustrated by the attempt to empower fellow
human beings to live according to their autonomous personal perception.

Aiming further and deeper towards the common ground of life conventional concepts are redefined in order to break mental walls which brings alternative and more authentic understanding into sight.

The second approach is to set free synergy of human potential by
enlightening dialogue in email exchange of ideas, in internet discussions
and in personal meetings... It is us normal people who have to
stop corporate governance and national security doctrines from jeopardising
existence of Life.

Dr. Wolfgang Fischer, Saentisstr. 24, D- 81825 Munich

Initiative Emanzipation ad Humanum
Authentizität - Authenticity – Auténticidad


is an avatar working on earth to get language and wordings
to express the intention of a prophetical matrix which is to be lived as a
dynamic spiral: generationbindingmatrix


The Editor's Choice



Syn Earth


Alt Energies

Space Energy-Access Systems Inc.

The Disclosure Project



Nichiren Shoshu Overseas department official web site

Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Society International

What The Bleep Is Buddhism

Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Society International

Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism

Nichiren Shoshu America

Nichiren Shoshu Taisekiji


Citizen (World - Citizen) Global Peace

International Earth Day

Assemblée Consultative auprès du Congrès des Peuples

Centre For Change

Citizens for a United Earth

City Montessori School

Coalition for a WP & WD

Community of World Citizens

Christian Council for Monetary Justice

Earth Rights Institute

Global Constitution Forum

Human Union Movement

Initiative Emanzipation ad Humanum

Interreligiöse Ökumene

Institute for Planetary Synthesis



One World Now

People's Congress

Planet 3000            



Siberian Center for Eurasian Projects

The North-South Institute

The Universal Alliance International



We, the World

World Citizens Association (Australia)

World Peace & Nuclear Disarmament - No web site at moment



Cultural Creatives

Disclosure Project



The Home of Ancient Wisdom


Determinants of Health --- Social

National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health

The Social Capital Foundation


Democratic Systems

Jim Rough

David C Korten
Living Economies for a Living Planet
Part I: Introduction

Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky Archive
ZNet archive of Noam Chomsky's online materials.

Welcome to ZNet – A Community of people committed to Social Change

Golden Age Project – Science, Archaeology



Integral Institute Seminars


Mind and Brain

Limbic System
Brain Research Laboratory


Bio Energy

Bio Energy Fields Foundation


Bio Mimicry

Bio Mimicry – Learning from Nature

Carter Centre – Waging Peace, Fighting Disease, Building Hope


Climate Change

Environmental Media Services – A Resource for Journalists

The Heat is Online – Science, Weather


Co Intelligence

The Co-Intelligence Institute



Cardno ACIL – Leaders in International Development

Community Builders NSW

David C Korten

YES – About Positive Futures Network

The Village - Building Sustainable Community

Thinking Through A Collapsing World - Pathways to Reconciliation

New Community Quarterly – Australian Journal of Community Development



Complexity Digest – Networking the Complexity Community

Complexity International -  Complex Systems Research (Scientific Papers)

Emergence Complexity and Organisation

New England Complex Systems Institute



Evolve – A Global Community Centre for Conscious Evolution

Peak States

Institute for the Study of Peak States

Scientific and Medical Network

Anomalist Website

Brian Josephson's home page. Professor

Boundary Institute

Charles Tart

Cognitive Science Laboratory (Edwin May)

Consciousness Research Laboratory

International Journal of Healing and Caring ­ On line Clinical reports and research in:

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Integral Inquiry - William G. Braud,Ph.D

James Spottiswoode and Assoc

Koestler Parapsychology Unit

Monroe Institute

Pear Lab

Rhine Research Center (Institute for [and Journal of] Parapsychology)

Society for Scientific Exploration

Wholistic Healing Research website



Democratic Forum – Local and Global Issues

Global Justice Movement – A new paradigm: Monetary Justice, Social Justice, Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, and Peace Justice

Universal Income Trust

World Development Movements - Campaigns



Eco Village

Global Eco Village Network – New Frontiers for Sustainability

Ekotecture International Inc.


Economics -- New Economics

PerCapita Dynamics

SCC Mission Statement
This draft paper is intended for integration into the larger proposal for a network called Social Change Cooperative – SCC, a bridging organization in hopes of adding speed and heading to much needed social change.

The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability

Apollo Alliance


Energy–Lack of

In short, the end of oil signals the end of civilization, as we know it.

Synopsis by Jay Hanson

Global Chemtrail Spraying


Evolution World Order

Interdisciplinary Conferences and Electronic Working Groups:
On the Evolution of World Order
Summary List of Titles of Preparatory Working Groups



futuresEdge by Jamie Saunders
futuresEDGE is a means to share information and ideas about the future and how we as individuals and organisations address it.


Human Rights

Global Justice Movement – Seven Steps to Justice (Article)

Centre for the Study of Democratic Societies

Palgrave Macmillan

Prosperity – Freedom From Debt Slavery

Sveiby Knowledge Associates – Knowledge Management Research

The Talking Economics Project
Bringing an associative perspective to economic life

The Simpler Way:
Working for transition from consumer society to a simpler, 
morecooperative, just and ecologically sustainable society.


Indigo Children

Dreams of The Great Earth Changes
Indigo Children - Crystalline Children


Ingo Swann

Super Powers of the Human Biomind


Leary  Timothy

The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension
The Post-Larval Must Be Very Cautious in Communicating with Larval Humans


Integrative Medicine

Nammoora Wellness

The Medical Renaissance Group


Natural Health Care Alliance

Australasian Integrative Medicine Association Inc.

Attraction Retreat – Catalyzing personal empowerment , societal transformation and environmental sustainability

Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

Biological Therapies – Manufacturers and distributors of parenteral and 
oral nutritional supplement

Blackmores – The Best of Health

Commonweal – a nonprofit health and environmental research institute

Consumer Lab – To identify the best quality health and nutrition products 
through independent testing.

Life Extension - LEF has a 26 year history of introducing life saving medical 
discoveries and funding scientific research. – Questions and Comments Page\&GO.Y=10

FIT The Home of Functional Medicine – BioCeuticals – Quality NutraCeuticals

The Global Medicine Education Foundation
Transformative Medicine and The Ecology of Healing

Vitamin Research Products

Dr Rath Foundation

Health World – Dr Galland’s Integrated Medicine Archives – By Leo Galland M.D., F.A.C.N.

Integrative Medicine

Life Extension Magazine

Life Extension Life Extension - LEF has a 26 year history of introducing life saving medical discoveries and funding scientific research. – Home Page

Life  Extension Foundation

The Melbourne Therapy Centre
is a clinic of integration for complementary medicine

Metta is a  UK Holistic Information Service dedicated to

Nutrition Care - Pharmaceuticals

Nature's Way

Nutritional Medicine
Ray D. Strand, M. D.

Orthomolecular & Nutritional Medicine

Robert F. Cathcart III, M.D.

Life Extension – Protocols, Index

The New Medicine – Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer

Vitamin Research

Bethesda Health

Andrew Newberg MD

Fat Secrets to Living Long and Well


Jean Houston

Renaissance Universal – New Renaissance Magazine – A Passion  for the Possible by Jean Houston

Global Ideas Bank


New Dimensions

World Broadcasting Network
New Dimensions – World Broadcasting Network - Internet Radio

New Dimensions – World Broadcasting Network

Meditation see also Spirituality and Transformations
Love Flow

The Awakening project \ awakening vision



Folk Story 


New Politics

Center for Wise Democracy

Open Democracy – Free Thinking for the World

Green Health
Interesting Times: alternative commentary on politics and life

The Simultaneous Policy – Breaking down the barriers to solving the 
world problems

We the People - Rogue Valley Wisdom Councils ...bringing new life to democracy

Unanswered – Thinking for Ourselves

World Development Movement - Campaigns

From the wilderness publications Who is Michael C Ruppert?

Non Local Consciousness

George Orwell
Work : Essays : Notes on Nationalism


Peace Groups - Political Action

Aid/Watch is a not for profit activist organisation monitoring and campaigning on Australian overseas aid and trade policies and programs. We work to ensure aid-funding reaches the right people, communities and their environments.



Peaceful Societies Alternatives to Violence and War

ARTISTS FOR PEACE SNEO (South North East West) World Music

The Simpler Way:
Working for transition from consumer society to a simpler, 
morecooperative, just and ecologically sustainable society.

Hudson Institute - Policy Research Organization


Psycho History

George Orwell
Work : Essays : Notes on Nationalism (May 1945)


Quality of Life

All in the Mind – Radio National



S-T-A-R-T  T-E-L-L-I-N-G T-H-E  T-R-U-T-H
Hopi elder, Dan Evehema:  "Final, Decisive Battle Between Good and Evil"


Richard Heinberg

Muse Letter
Richard Heinberg
A monthly exploration of cultural renewal


Sacred Geometry

San Graal School of Sacred Geometry


Social Change

Global Earth Trustee Agenda for the NEW MILLENNIUM
By John McConnell - The Founder of Earth Day

Independent Media Centre

Global Capitalism in Crisis Theology and Economics By  DR Kamran Mofid

No Logo--globalization and justice

Syn Earth – The Geometrization of Thought by F. David Peat

A community of people concerned about social change

Aligning with purpose

Send an email to your politicians

Tell your politicians the truth about the Iraq War!


Spirituality and Transformation

Scientific and Medical Network

About the SMN
An international interdiciplinary forum for people exploring worldviews beyond materialism.

Dharma Haven A Harbor from the Storms of Panic and Confusion

Spiritual Competency Resource Centre

Subtle Energies

The International Institute of Integral Human Sciences

SLaM Network - Spirituality, Leadership and Management

Avatar EPC – Contributing to the Creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization


The Academy for Future Science

The Pistis Sophia

Six Degrees