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The Global Revolution in Human Consciousness


Dr Michael Ellis

There is a global revolution occurring in human consciousness. We are at a critical point in human history where as a species we can either evolve through the creation of a more cooperative and interdependent global society or through the very nature of our instinctive mechanisms which create fight and flight, suspicion and competition and a sense of scarcity we will diminish ourselves to the extent that we will become pale reflections of what we should be.

In 1900, the world population was about 1 billion. In 1950 it was about 1.5 billion and in 2005 it is over six billion. As a race we are growing exponentially and without a thought for our communality we not only fight amongst ourselves but exploit the very biosphere which supports and maintains us.

However, we have the unique possession of an extremely complex neocortex which has the ability not only override the more dangerous and instinctive urges of our middle and hind brains but is also the key to transmutation and transformation.

This transformation is inbuilt in us through the nature of our genetic inheritance and of our DNA. It is only in the last hundred years that scientists have begun to realize what the brain is and how it is an intrinsic part of the whole biomind and cannot be separate from the body.

Now in the 21st century is the time when we begin to understand the meaning of consciousness. This enormous transition to the understanding of the nature of consciousness has been due in part to Einstein and the development of quantum physics, technological applications of which are in all aspects of our lives.

It has been said that born of a single quantum event the universe is at some basic level a single interconnected quantum system.

With bio field theory a new physics is now evolving and yet orthodox medicine has not recognized that living tissue is a sophisticated and dynamic bioelectric communication network with a long evolutionary heritage.

We are indeed as Gerber and Tiller have said 'beings of frozen light' and we conserve ourselves by possessing a principle of conservation which maintains harmony (Prigogine 1988).

Indeed this natural permanent imminent principle within the context of a dissipative structure is what is occurring to humanity as a whole at the moment as the very nature of our existence and our relationships with nature and materialism are called into question It is through the vehicle of the humanized communication of the internet that we begin to question the old ways of thinking or the old paradigm.

James Hurtak in his comprehensive understanding of the medicine of light is bringing into focus the understanding of the emergence of a whole new picture of humanity in which the feminine principle becomes pre eminent.

We need to examine a new model of healing energy in order to explain and express a wide field of bio field phenomena which is now being researched.

We now understand that the human being is indeed a matrix of many kinds of energies which are able to sense the internal and external environment, process information and integrate functions throughout the body.

Awareness of the unity of all life and existence and the understanding of the medicine of light enables us to realize that we have the potential to access higher levels of consciousness which can create coherence and oneness not only within our own body minds but also contribute to the healing of humanity and the environment.

The science of psychoneuroimmunology is the beginning of a new science which integrates spirituality and healing, ecology and the self and brings together the many different strands of human existence and specialization into a comprehensive whole.

The Global Peace Centre will deal with the higher potentials innate in humanity and the ability of a trained consciousness to facilitate higher functions of awareness and performance based on qualities of compassion, altruism and wisdom.

We will explore the nature of the human being as functioning within a localized consciousness and a non localized consciousness which reaches out to the infinity of the universe.

By exploring the nature of female power and creativity we have a new power to integrate our global society and by understanding the nature of a mature civilization we review the role of the nature of corporate and governmental responsibility by understanding that every person has a part to play in the interconnected nature of true democracy.

In this respect we begin to see the media as being able to establish information rather than misinformation.

Sustainable energy and holistic education go hand in hand. Our future generations need to be schooled in holistic learning for the creation of innovative and creative ideas. Such education cannot grow within the context of a world which is inequitable and divided and at war with it self.

The new paradigm exposes who we really are and that is beings of light.

"Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority or it is said come from Angels or from God's or from an inspired source. Believe it only if you have experienced it in your own heart and mind and body and found it to be true. Work out your own path through this world with diligence." Buddha

"Heaven can bring things to life but cannot distinguish them, Earth can sustain Man but cannot order him; thus beneath the canopy of heaven all species of creatures and living men depend on mutual harmony that they may find their proper stations in life." Hsun Ch'ing 240 BC (Hughes, 1942)

* http://www.futurescience.org/html/perseus.html