Details of G20

  Humankind has today reached a state in which our old modes of thinking and behaving now threaten to destroy both our own species as well as millions of other species on Planet Earth. This is now becoming self-evident to millions of people of all national, political and religious backgrounds worldwide.

We are collectively facing a global crisis in which only a profound and dramatic system-wide transformation can save us from total self-destruction. Those of us who are dedicated to the preservation of human life on Earth must play a prominent part in this transformation. This great mission calls for urgent changes in our existing manner of thinking and acting in almost every way and at every level of our societies.

Our World today is unsustainable into the longer-term future. The status quo that you, the national leaders of the G20, are trying to maintain can no longer be maintained without destroying much of the Life on Planet Earth including our own. The very survival of our species and our future generations is now at stake as we are destroying the Earth systems that sustain us, and more rapidly all the time

Humanity today is at War on two major fronts. There is the silent war between Humanity and Nature, and the wars between Nations and Peoples.

Further, there is of course increasing inequality in wealth between the developed world and the developing world, which is exacerbated ongoingly by overpopulation, poverty, hunger, resource depletion and eco-system degradation.

The two greatest threats to the continued survival of our species remain the threats of a Nuclear War or Accident and the threat of runaway Global Climate Change. Both threats are accelerating today.

There are still 17,300 Nuclear Warheads deployed in the world today according to FAS data from the Nuclear Notebook in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. That is enough nuclear warheads to destroy the total earth landmass many times over. In addition to India and Pakistan, 15-20 developing countries will have nuclear capability in the next 10 years. The Global Military Complex, which has emerged for the defence of nations and people, has become more dangerous that the threat it should prevent.

If a fraction of the financial and scientific resources it consumes were used to prevent the potential ecological catastrophe a sustainable civilisation could be built. Our technologies of mass destruction especially Nuclear Weapons threaten the future of everyone.

While according to the most recent IPCC report, Global Climate Change in the form of widespread Global Warming, now threatens Humanity's future to a massive extent. The 5th IPCC Assessment, released in April, 2014, warns that Carbon Emissions have soared in the last decade and are now growing at almost double the previous rate. But its comprehensive Čanalysis found that rapid action can still limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, the internationally agreed safe limit, if low-carbon energy triples or quadruples by 2050.

Accordingly "right action" in the face of these growing man-made threats to our own survival, and the survival of much of life on Earth, is urgently required.

On behalf of all the People of the World, a major question for our time and our generations is; Who Speaks for Humanity and our Future today?